Police near the beach

The article here on the town hall website has details of the impact of  improved policing in Almerimar this summer.

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This summer, 40% of the complaints in the coastal areas are due to the permanent reinforcement of the police presence

Increased safety in seafront, coastal and leisure areas, through bike patrols and quads, has resulted in a decrease in the number of infractions for non-compliance with the Civic Ordinance

This year, we have also reduced noise disturbances in night-time entertainment, as well as the practice of the bottle in public places

The habilitation of a Salvage Coordination post has allowed the agents to perform administrative tasks without having to travel and attend 'in situ' to tourists and residents

The Director of Citizen Protection takes a "very positive" balance as "we continue to increase security rates and reduce the number of crimes, thus gaining service efficiency and, therefore, security"

If a few days ago the Department of Tourism of the City of El Ejido offered quite positive data in terms of hotel occupancy and increase tourism in relation to previous years, today has been the turn to Citizen Protection to also perform a a very promising balance with regard to the increase of safety during the summer period and, therefore, in the important reduction in the number of infractions of different nature. So it is possible to say that this year, 40% of the complaints filed due to unconvincing behavior, neighborhood complaints due to noise in leisure areas or by practice of the bottle in public places have fallen. A fact that is due, to a great extent, to the increase of the police presence that, permanently, has guaranteed the tranquility of residents and tourists; as well as a change in the civic behavior of citizens.

All this has been propitiated by the important effort that the local government has made in incorporating outstanding innovations in the Special Summer Device with which it has come to increase the quality in the service. In this line, it is possible to influence in the special attention that has been rendered to the beach zones with the increase of the police presence, day and night, as much in the sand as in the walks and nuclei of population. They have resumed the patrols by bike, quads and foot, have been carried out informative campaigns on the necessity of the fulfillment of the Civic Ordinance between the bathers, besides the creation of a position of Coordination of Salvation in Almerimar in which the demands and needs of users.

The results of the application of all these improvements in the service have also resulted in the decrease of the complaints by sounds that surpass the decibels allowed from certain hours of the night with respect to other years. In this line, it is possible to emphasize, equally, the effort realized by the proprietors of the premises of night, aware of the necessity to avoid annoyances at the wee hours of the night. Likewise, it has been possible to dissipate the practice of the bottle in public places, especially facing the weekends, thanks to the intensification of the controls and the surveillance with which the consumption of alcohol in the public road has been avoided.

Focus also on the good results of the implementation of the Rescue Coordination post which has prevented the displacement of the agents to the Local Police Headquarters in El Ejido to carry out certain administrative tasks and, in this way, guarantee the constant presence of the police in the coastal areas, while attending to the neighbors and visitors in this physical space.

Therefore, the Director of Citizen Protection has made a "very positive" assessment of all these data, as "we continue to increase security rates and reduce crime, thus gaining efficiency and effectiveness of the service and, therefore, in security quotas ". In this way, he stressed "the absence of serious incidents, which has been possible thanks to this special summer device launched by the Local Police and the City Council itself to ensure security in the areas of greater concentration of public as they have could be acts of a cultural and playful nature, patron saint parties and leisure areas.

Finally, the police officer points out "to the high level of satisfaction shown by visitors, tourists and residents in the development of the tasks and tasks of the Local Police, which has also had the collaboration of Civil Protection", while has had an impact on "these good statistics have also been fruit of the increase of the awareness on the part of the neighbors in the development of certain behaviors".

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