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Almerimar celebrates a new edition of its 'Pirate Week' with activities related to the sea and the stories of corsairs

Organized by the Local Board and the Town Council of El Ejido will be held from August 2 to 6 with numerous free activities for the whole family

The mayor of Culture, Julia Ibáñez recalled that "this summer we exceed again the 200 cultural, sporting, commercial and recreational proposals, which are developed during July and August in El Ejido and the coastal centers of Balerma and Almerimar"

The traditional 'Desembarco', which recreates a pirate attack dated April 28, 1552 and the abduction of the brave 'Sofia,' are added other proposals such as a gymkana, treasure hunt, children's games, costume contest or The pirate market
The 'Noa' boat moored at Dock 1 of the Almerimar Marina has been the setting for the presentation this morning of the 'VI Pirate Week' as this is an ideal place to talk about a wide program of activities to be celebrated From 2 to 6 August with a theme related to the sea, stories and legends of Berberis and privateers.

The event was attended by the Councilor for Culture, Julia Ibáñez, and the President of the Local Board, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano, who have been accompanied by members of 'Alejú Servicios Culturales'. The mayor said that "from the City of El Ejido we continue to the most consolidated activities and that each year have more participation as is the case of 'Pirate Week', along with many others such as Night in Sailing, the Gateway Of Fashion, the Cycle of Concerts in the Castle of Guards Old and Theater Breve or the cinema of summer ".

This Week is part of an extensive summer program designed by the Consistory which stands out for the quality of all the proposals and its free character, with the objective of complementing the offer of sun, beach and other resources, as well as to promote tourism loyalty Which each summer chooses the ejidenses coast as a holiday destination.

Ibáñez recalled that "this summer we surpassed again 200 cultural, sporting, commercial and recreational events, which take place during July and August in El Ejido and the coastal centers of Balerma and Almerimar."

For its part, the President of the Local Board has been charged with presenting each of the proposals "that make up our great week as the gymkana, children's games, the market, the treasure hunt, which will be developed in the Lake of Almerimar or the Pasacalles ".

Although, undoubtedly the most outstanding activity is the 'Pirate Landing', 'a 30-minute staging of a historical event based on the expulsion 500 years ago of the Moors from Campo de Dalías to the Alpujarra and the arrival of Berber pirates as' El Sordo 'de Berja who came to the ejidenses coasts to loot and in search of slaves.

In addition, he explained that there are 54 pirate landings and incursions documented by historians such as Father Rubio and collected in books such as 'Malerva', most of them carried out by Turks in the sixteenth century in the time of Philip II, which led to the ancient Kingdom of Granada under the Crown of Castile, to strengthen security along the entire coast. "

Juanjo Lozano, from Alejú, explained that the landing and parade recreating the story of Ali Amate fleeing to Ambrox on April 28, 1552 and how two weeks later they demand a ransom of 270 ducats for Juan Coca and his consort. That is, it is a fictional host based on real facts about the figure of the brave young woman whom we have called 'Sofia' "..

As for the parade, it will be much more fluid than in previous editions, with actions of no more than 15 minutes each. Irene de Paz from Almería will be participating, recently awarded for her show 'La Madeja', which is one of the best funambilists in Spain and who already acted in the Theater Festival; 'Calderón & Cía', which will offer a circus and fire show; And 'Lunas de Oriente', a specialist in oriental dance.

In conclusion, Ibanez remarked that "all the activities have a family character and offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy the summer days, in this fantastic coastal nucleus, involving parents and children in them." Likewise, he has insisted that the 'Pirate Week' "will allow us to know more about our history, in this case 'maritime history' linked to the numerous landings dated and documented on our shores."

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