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17 men's and women's teams of all Spain are mentioned in Almerimar in the Rugby Tournament oldest beach of Andalusia

The XIV edition of this event will be held next Saturday, August 12, from 9.30 am in the arenal located in front of the grass field, with 250 participants of all ages and provenances and matches every 20 minutes

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, said that "around this event will undoubtedly generate a festive atmosphere that is going to spread to the entire beach and will also become a tourist attraction and a showcase of the coast Ejidense "

All means have been put in place to offer the highest quality in the stay of the players, putting an access control to the camping area and hiring a catering service for lunch and dinner on Saturday
The Rugby Beach Tournament organized by El Ejido Rugby CD, subsidiary of the URA - Unión Rugby Almería, becomes its XIV edition in one of the oldest and consolidated in the national panorama. It will be held next Saturday, August 12, in Almerimar with the presence of 17 teams from different parts of the country and about 250 participants.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, accompanied by the Councilor for Sports, María José Martín; The secretary of the Club, Alexander Malkiewicz; The co-coach, Ricardo Sesto; And the president of the Local Board of Almerimar, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano, presented this morning this event "is very well valued by the players who come from all over the Spanish geography to develop in a privileged environment and always benefiting from good conditions Climatological ".

In this fourteenth edition there is a qualitative leap, so that "this Trophy will be consolidated as one of the main events of Rugby Beach in Almeria and Andalusia. In addition, the club is already working on the fifteenth anniversary that will take place in the summer of 2018. "

Góngora said that "Rugby is a perfect sport for the beach, possibly the most. It's a fast-paced, fast-paced, fun game of both watching and practicing, and matches on the sand further enhance their values. " Rugby requires, he said, "a demanding physical effort but tailored to each participant, rewarded with the camaraderie that always exists between colleagues and rivals." And, as the tradition says, "that excellent atmosphere will be demonstrated during the third time this year will take place in the Jaleo Building."

In addition, "around this event is going to generate, without a doubt, a festive atmosphere that is going to spread to the entire beach and also becomes a tourist attraction and a showcase of the coast of ejidense.

From the Club, his secretary said that "this edition already has the confirmation of the participation of 12 men's teams, the top set, and 5 women's teams. And there are 15 players registered for free that will be distributed to complete teams and team chaperones. So, it will be an intergenerational meeting, with several ages even in the same team from 18 to 55 years, and from different backgrounds. "

The matches, which will be played in three sand pitches, will start from 9.30 am until noon and from 5 pm to 8 pm, to proceed to the trophy submission and the 'Third Time'.

For the first time in the 14 years of life of this tournament, the draw has been made a week before with the distribution of groups, the schedule, the schedules and the referees assigned. The teams and players come from numerous and varied points of the Spanish geography such as Adra, Almeria, Granada, Barcelona, ​​Roquetas de Mar, Cadiz, Murcia, Cordoba, Linares, Puertollano, Malaga, Madrid, Galicia and of course El Ejido.

Thus, in the men's category have been made three groups of four teams each, being El Ejdo Rugby CD, the head of one for being the host. The parties will have two parts of seven minutes each and a break of two minutes, so it will be a very dynamic day with meetings every 20 minutes.

This year they have put all the means to offer the maximum comfort and the maximum quality in the stay of the participants, putting a control of access to the zone of camping and mainly hiring a service of catering for the lunch and the dinner of Saturday . "The Club has been working for more than two months in the organization and has made a great effort to get a greater number of sponsors thanks to that qualitative leap," said Malkiewicz.

This tournament will also serve as a good contact during the preseason for players and players, and a good opportunity to enjoy for those who do not compete in the season

The IMD maintains the support and collaboration with all those consolidated activities and that every year brings together a greater number of participants, as is the case of "this Tournament that has become a prominent event in the calendar of summer sports activities And an inescapable test for its fans to this contact sport, "said the mayor.

This contact sport is in addition to the wide range of summer courses offered by IMD in the summer season. In fact, from Monday Monday to Friday, August 11 the course of Rugby Beach is being developed in this enclosure.


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