Earlier today I received this from Gabriel at the tourist office. It is a bit of background about the fiesta week in Dalias that ends this evening. Thanks Gabriel....

This weekend is the high point of the festival of "El Cristo de la Luz" (Christ of the Light) in Dalias. It happens to be one of the biggest religious festivals in Almería province, and the oldest and most widespread traditions in the area. Every year, during the third week of September, thousands of pilgrims from all across the Poniente region will walk the way to the image of the Christ. With the end of the summer, the view of lines of people walking along the road from El Ejido to Dalias becomes part of the landscape. Each person makes the pilgrimage for different reasons (faith, tradition, sports, family,...), becoming part of the phenomenon that goes beyond town borders and celebrates heritage.

The highlights of the festival are: the pilgrimage itself, the pilgrim mass at the church, the bull of fire run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1shvjIogNQ , several balls at the casino (with live music, dance and fine dining) http://www.casinodedalias.com/index.php/programas?download=5:programa-fiestas-2017-calidad-superior and a massive and deafening display of fireworks.

These are some videos from the internet to illustrate the description above:


Find the programme for the whole festival on the following link: http://www.dalias.es/Servicios/Fiestas/Fiestas.nsf/2597EF5FA3FCF4BBC125818A004250D7/$file/Programa%20Dalias%202017%20Web.pdf

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