On Tuesday I got an invite to an event to celebrate International Tourism Day. The event took place the following day (Wednesday 27 September 2017). It was a trip to the botanical garden organised by the El Ejido town hall.

Sadly, I could not make event as I had far too much to do on Wednesday and I could not rearrange things to fit this in.

I have just spotted a brief article about the event here on the Ideal site.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

El Ejido claims International Tourism Day from its biggest green lung

Between farm and greenhouse trails, La Almunya del Sur Botanical Garden has more than 1,200 species of trees, flowers and plants

El Ejido wanted to commemorate yesterday the celebration of the International Day of Tourism, with a day in which we talked about the sustainability of ejidense agriculture, with the participation of the manager of Clisol Agro, Lola Gómez, but also of sustainable management, in charge of Manuel Sánchez, the director of this space, who later guided a visit to the facilities.

To continue the day, attendees, among whom were municipal representatives, businessmen and groups, all were able to participate in a practical workshop on composting, and to conclude the morning you could taste a healthy breakfast based on vegetables and fruits of the zone, and that was in charge of the School of Hospitality of Almería. During his speech, the ejidense regidor, Francisco Góngora, who went with several of his councilors, with the mayor of Tourism, Luisa Barranco, at the head; alluded to agriculture "as our main source of wealth". Something that therefore, in his opinion, propitiates that from the Consistory ejidense is to "encourage our growth from the tourist point of view so that it continues consolidating like a more economic pillar".

As valued by the mayor, from a space that is one of the biggest green lungs of the town, and also serves every year of great tourist attraction for El Ejido, after experiencing "a growing hotel occupation that this summer has touched on the coast ejidense 100%. " The Botanical Garden La Almunya del Sur is located on the road that runs between Balerma and Tarambana and receives hundreds of visits throughout the year, but also from its facilities are workshops, conferences, talks and environmental routes.


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