Alastair Stewart Expat MPs - 14 April 18

Alastair Stewart has asked me to publish the link here to his latest article about the petition for overseas MPs.

The petition is well on the way to having the first 1000 signatures of the 10,000 needed for a government response. This number of signatures has to be reached by 6 October 2018.

Further to the recent article about the petition for specific MPs to represent expats in the House of Commons. You can see more details about the petition here.

Here is a quote from Alastair Stewart who created the petition:

"Full-time MPs, elected by citizens abroad, are urgently needed to represent our issues and concerns. While we can register to vote at home, we’re voting in a constituency that some people have little connection to anymore and might not have visited in years.

It’s completely unjust that someone living in say, Edinburgh, has to fight to have their representative solve local matters all while someone living out-with Britain is taking up the time of the same MP."


One good thing that is happening at the moment is the plan to remove the current 15 year time limit on voting rights for people who move abroad. Providing clearer representation in parliament for these voters seems sensible.

One of our readers has asked us to publish this issue.....

"I’ve started a campaign calling for an MP to represent British citizens abroad. It would be hugely appreciated if you’d consider posting this on Almerimar Today"

You can see and sign the petition here.

In the last couple of days we have had our first significant encounters with mossies this year.

On Sunday afternoon we played 9 holes of golf from around 4pm in the afternoon. Just before we finished at around 6pm we started to have some drizzle. As we were playing the last hole we spotted a few mossies flitting about.

Then yesterday afternoon Jacqui spotted a mossie in the apartment. This is a reasonably unusual event as the fly screens normally do a good job of keeping them out.

I hope this is not a sign that we are going to have a lot of them this year. Hopefully the extra money the council is spending will keep the numbers down.

It went very dark for a few minutes last night. Not long before 10pm if I remember rightly.

Looking out of the window it seemed like the whole of the town had suffered a power cut. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes.

Car For Sale - March 18

One of our readers has asked me to advertise this car for sale.

It is an 08 Fiesta 1.4 diesel with about 40,000km. It is on Spanish plates, 5 door, Zetec model with alloys, air con etc. Been mot'd recently and is in unmarked condition inside & out. 4750€. It is in Almerimar.

If you are interested please get in touch and I will pass on your details to the seller.

Thanks to a friend who pointed out the article here on the Euro Weekly News site quoting the trigger speeds for Spanish speed limit cameras.

Useful information for us all.

Disposing of old furniture

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me about how to dispose of unwanted old furniture. I just spotted the notice above on the Almerimar Junta Local Facebook page.

Telephone Lirola Brothers.Free service for up to 3 pieces of furniture at a time. Pick up between 08:00 & 14:00 and 16:00 & 20:00, Monday to Friday.

I understand that they ask you to tell them the address to pick up the furniture from. Plus they ask you to leave it outside your apartment block close to the road on the day they agree to collect it.

Thanks to one of our readers, Alan Shep, for providing information about new Ryanair flights from Manchester this summer.

There are flights scheduled for twice a week (Thursday and Sunday) from Manchester to Almería starting at the beginning of June 2018.

Almerimar sunset 17 Jan18

Almerimar sunset 17 Jan18

Last night as I was walking out to put the bins out I took a couple of pictures of the sunset over Almerimar. As it was so beautiful.

It seems like so many people in Almerimar have either a cold or the flu at the moment. It feels like Almerimar is the cold and flu capital of the world based on the percentage of the population suffering.

Hopefully the many people involved will all be feeling better soon.

One of our readers, Dawn, asked us to advertise this.....

"New dance/exercise class for mature ladies, held at Golf Hotel, Thursday at 11.10.   25 euros per month."

If you are interested please get in touch and I will pass on contact details for Dawn.

Due to the festivities I missed this story on the Euro Weekly News site. There was a significant earthquake in the Almería area on the Saturday before Christmas. You can see details here.

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