Volkswagen concept car

The article here on the town hall site is all about a Volkswagen concept car that was being promoted in the Almerimar area.

Funnily enough I was walking along the prom a while ago and spotted the car on display there. At the time I wondered what it was.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


Almerimar stage of the promotion campaign of the prototype ID Buzz Concept of Volkswagen

This electric vehicle, the new generation of the German manufacturer, recalls the legendary 'hippie' van Kombi born in 1950, but including the latest technological advances

The magazine Top Gear, one of the most prestigious within the journalism of the engine, has been in charge of developing the report of prototype, whose release is expected to 2020

This photo shoot has been led by the reporters of this publication and assisted by engineers as well as press managers from Germany and England from Volkswagen

The magazine has chosen El Ejido for the characteristics of its beaches and, above all, that particular attraction they have for the practice of surfing and all kinds of water sports

Mayor Francisco Góngora attended the photo shoot and said that it will "translate a vivid, modern and innovative image of the new product of the German firm and will project the sun and beach supply of El Ejido internationally"
The attractions that the municipality of El Ejido has in terms of beaches and water sports have been the main reasons that has led the prestigious British magazine Top Gear engine to choose our municipality, specifically Almerimar, for the realization of the photographic report that Have made to promote the new prototype of Volkswagen, the second of the electric vehicles of the new generation of this German firm, ID Buzz Concept.

It will therefore be a great promotion for El Ejido as a tourist destination, as this magazine has resembled the innovative image, sporty air of this new Volkswagen vehicle with that spirit or lively and healthy character that defines the coast of ejidenses, where it is Possible to enjoy an active holiday by practicing sports activities in the countryside and at sea. In fact, those in charge of the photographic session have considered Almerimar's Paseo Marítimo, at the height of the school and the center of the two-time World Champion Windsurfer, Víctor Fernández, as a perfect enclave. This has also been an incentive that has helped to recreate that beach environment, surfer and kitesurfers that required this prototype.

Not surprisingly, ID Buzz Concept comes to recall that mythical 'hippie' van, Volkswagen's 50's Kombi, in its exterior design, although the reality is that it has been equipped with all the new technological advances inside To make it a functional, innovative and efficient vehicle for the future.

The photographic session of this prototype, conducted during this month of May, has been directed by the reporters themselves of the British publication, as well as assisted by the engineers of the vehicle and the heads of press of Germany and England of the firm Volkswagen. All of them, moved to Almerimar, both prior to the realization of the report to locate exteriors, as well as during the days of its completion.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, participated along with the Councilor for Tourism Luisa Barranco, on one of the days of said session, being able to know, test and explore this new prototype of Volkswagen, whose release to market for commercialization is planned to 2020.

During this visit, Góngora was able to talk with both the editors and the engineers, who showed him the ID Buzz, as well as detailed the main characteristics, since we are dealing with a vehicle designed based on the innovative Modular Platform of Electric Propulsion (MEB ) Of the Group, which will share with the Concept ID and with a fleet of new electric models that the manufacturer will launch.

Likewise, the mayor was able to verify that it is a family vehicle, with capacity for eight passengers and a large interior space, which is defined by versatility and functionality. And it is that like the previous concept, the ID Buzz will maintain the characteristics of the 'ID Pilot Mode' system, with a square steering wheel that retracts completely in the dashboard when the autonomous driving system, which will feature laser scanners, sensors Ultrasound or LIDAR radar, area view cameras and a front camera.

On the other hand, in the completely autonomous mode, the front seats can rotate backwards, with the backs of the seats of the central row being able to fold to form tables and the seat of the third row able to become a bed. This makes the interior become a kind of family room, a mobile place where one can get to feel good and find the comfort that they require a vacation for rest.


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