The article here on the Portal Ejido site confirms that the local beaches have retained their A for Quality status for 2017.

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The ejidense coast renews once more the four 'Q of Quality' that guarantee the good conditions for the bath and the excellent services and infrastructure

The beaches of Levante and Poniente de Almerimar, San Miguel and Balerma have obtained this important award that shows the effort and work that has been carried out to equip them with all the necessary means to improve the attention given to the users
The mayor of Tourism has expressed his satisfaction for this fact and has insisted that "our coast constitutes an important tourist asset and therefore, a reference as a destination of quality"
Luisa Barranco recalled that "we have had to overcome the audits that require in terms of good health of water, safety and cleanliness of the coast"
The ejidense coast is of congratulations since it has renewed again this year the four flags of 'Q of Quality' that come to ratify the good conditions of use of which they have their beaches so that, residents, visitors and tourists alike, enjoy the Quality of its waters and the excellent services and infrastructures that these offer.
In this way, the beaches of Levante and Poniente de Almerimar, San Miguel and Balerma showcase again these important certificates that give a good account of the extraordinary state that the coast presents, as well as having all the requirements established by the regulations to provide the Better attention to its users regarding the cleaning of the sands, salvage and rescue tasks, information, equipment, maintenance, access or leisure activities, among many other issues.
A fact that is the result of the municipal concern to offer, season after season, improvements, especially in terms of accessibility, equipment and security, so that the coast of the country stands out for its excellent facilities, facilities according to the needs of bathers and devices Of vigilance that ensure, at all times, for the tranquility of the users. That is why this year there has been a new qualitative and quantitative leap as far as the media is concerned with the addition of more amphibious chairs, new shaded areas and adapted toilets, material destined for rescue as spinal boards and a jet ski more To reduce waiting times. With regard to security, something similar has happened, since the number of police officers who, coordinated with Civil Protection, are improving the response times. To all this, we must add the beach patrols and the establishment of a rescue coordination post in Almerimar that is avoiding the displacements of the agents to carry out administrative procedures and therefore, has meant a greater optimization of the service.
Councilor for Tourism of the City Council, Luisa Barranco, has shown her "satisfaction" because, once again, "we have met all the requirements required to renew these relevant flags that have reached the level of tourist excellence required by the regulations That govern the concession of the same and that establishes the own Institute for the Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) ". The mayor emphasized that "this fact gives an account of the commitment we maintain in working to renew the 'Q' of Tourism Quality and continue to generate confidence and security in the users, while also retaining tourists, improving the image Of the beaches with new and better infrastructures ". Likewise, and as the mayor stressed, "we continue working season after season to maintain the existing quality and improve every year, as well as continue to advance in the organization, management and innovation of this service."
As Barranco remarked, "this fact is nothing more than the result of an intense work by the City Council to set in motion different mechanisms focused on making our coast a first-rate economic resource and, along with Other assets, make our municipality as a tourist reference of quality throughout the year.
Lastly, it should be noted that the municipality has 27 kilometers of coastline, more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, the Marina, the third most important in Europe, the golf course, the hotel facilities of the Which we offer, the possibility of practicing active tourism throughout the year, the rich and varied gastronomy or the cultural and archaeological heritage dating from Roman times or the numerous possibilities offered by the Natural Park of Punta Entinas Sabinas, whose ecological value is indisputable.

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