Just a quick update on Almerimar featuring on A Place in the Sun. It is likely that our episode will not air until 2018.

The nice people on the A Place in the Sun Facebook page have explained the situation as follows:

"There are now 3 variants of the show: Winter Sun, Summer Sun and Home or Away. The aim of Winter Sun is locations so that hunters can escape the cold British winters. Summer Sun is so that hunters can access guaranteed sun all summer long. That is why locations can overlap. This is also why Winter Sun is shown in the winter and Summer Sun in the summer!"

The latest round of new episodes that have been shown during the week at 4pm in September are the Home or Away variant. The last one of these will be aired later this month. After that the show will take a break.

It is not certain but the show is likely to start again in early January 2018 showing Winter Sun episodes. Apparently this all depends on the people who produce the Channel 4 schedule. However based on previous years this is the most likely scenario.

Almería province is one of the areas that can be classified as either Winter Sun or Summer Sun. The episode showing Almerimar was filmed in June. However due to the climate in this region I guess it could be aired as part of the Winter Sun series in early 2018. If not, I guess it will be aired in the Summer Sun series later in 2018.

IKARI, Almerimar
Osteria Da Ralph, Almerimar
Marisquería Franc
La Tavernetta, Almerimar
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