I had a discussion yesterday while I was at the Almerimar pro-shop. Here is my understanding of what work is happening on the greens next week.

On Monday 23 April the Master 3 (Classic) course will be closed for hollow tining. The course used on this day will be the Master (Master 1 & Master 2) course. There may be some restrictions on playing on the Master course later in the day.

On Tuesday 24 April the White course (Master 1, front 9 Master) will be closed for hollow tining. The layout used on this day will be winter Red & Blue.

From Wednesday 25 April onwards the Master (Master 1 & Master 2) course will be closed for some time. The only course open will be the Master 3 (Classic) course.

As yet, I am not sure when the full 27 holes will re-open following the work on the greens. One I know I will publish something here.

New Bridge Classic 2nd - 18 April 18

Just a few bits and pieces about the Almerimar golf course.

Jacqui and I played a quick 9 holes on the blue course yesterday afternoon. To blow away the cobwebs after a heavy day on Tuesday.

As you can see from the photo above the new bridge on Blue hole 3 (Classic 2) is now open. The tees on the hole have now reverted back to positions where people have to hit their drive over water.

Also, I understand that plans have changed a little for the upcoming hollow tining of the greens. Previously the plan was to close the White (front 9 Master) course next week for hollow tining.

See the story here for information about the tining next week.

Bridge On Classic Hole 2 - April 2018

As you can see from the photo above, there is a new bridge being built on the golf course. It is on Hole 3 of the Winter Blue Course. Also known as hole 2 of Master3/Classic course in the summer layout.

The current bridge is no longer safe to carry buggies. So the buggies are being routed around the water. Also, the tees have been pushed forward on the hole while the new bridge is being built.

This photo was taken over the Easter weekend. As today is not a bank holiday in Spain perhaps work on the new bridge might be re-starting today.

You can see a summary of the new system here on the R&A site.

I wonder if the Spanish Federation will now fall into line with the rest of the world. Or will they continue to have their own specially tweaked version like they did with the European (EGA) system?

Golf course - 13 February 2018

Golf course - 13 February 2018

Golf course -13 february 2018

A few days ago I mentioned that Juan, the caddie master, is working with the green keepers to get the areas beneath the trees on the course cleared. This is to help speed up the pace of play.

On Tuesday afternoon Jacqui and I played 9 holes on the White course (front 9 Master course). While we were playing we spotted the green keepers working on the trees between the 1st and 3rd holes (bottom photo). Plus the area to the left of the the 4th hole (top 2 photos).

These are just a couple of examples. When you walk round the course you can see many areas under trees that are much tidier.

I understand that this work to tidy up the course will be continuing in February and March. With some significant work taking place in front of the tee of Red hole 5 (Classic 6). Where trees and bushes are to be removed completely so people can see the fairway when playing their tee shots.

It is really good to see efforts being made to improve the course.

I have been told that the hollow tining of the greens on the Almerimar course will start on Monday 23 April 2018.

From this date the course will revert back to the summer layout. With the Master 1 (front 9 Master), Master 2 course (back 9 Master) and Master 3 (Classic).

The Master (Master 1 & 2) course will be closed for 2 weeks while the work is completed and the greens start recovering. During this team anyone wanting to play 18 holes will have to play twice around the Master 3 (Classic) course.

The Master (Master 1 & 2) course is scheduled to reopen on Monday 7 May 2018. I guess that sometime soon after that the Master 3 (Classic) course will close for a week or two for similar work.

Just a quick personal view on the winter layouts that are being tried this year. I feel that overall they have been a success. Allowing more people on the course and getting us all around in the light almost all of the time. There were some days when the people playing in the morning were too slow. Causing a hold up in the afternoon. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in time for the upcoming busy period in the rest of February and March.

One good thing Juan is getting done at the moment is clearing the areas under trees so it is easier to find your ball. Hopefully this should help speed up play.

For 2018 the management of Golf Almerimar has decided that anyone storing clubs and trolleys in the clubhouse will be allocated specific space in the club store. Either on marked areas on the floor or in specific places on the shelving in the club store.

When people pay the fee for storing their clubs and trolley in the clubhouse for 2018 they will have to choose a specific place where they will store them. So the sooner you pay the more choice you will have about where you can put your clubs and trolley.

If you want more details about this please contact Golf Almerimar.

Golf Almerimar has now announced the prices for buying packages of green fees for 2018. Property holders in the area can buy packages of green fees for 2018 ranging from 15 through to 365 green fees.

As usual, there is a discount available if you purchase before 29 January 2018 and pay in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.

Please contact Golf Almerimar if you want more details.

Alboran Chiringuito Nov 17

Alboran Chiringuito Nov 17

Last Friday we had a trip out to play golf at Alborán. While there I took a couple of photos of the new chiringuito that should be opening soon.

They have knocked down the old wooden chiringuito but left the relatively new toilet block nearby still he standing. As you can see from the photo above the new place looks like it might be quite nice.

I am not sure but I think they might put some glass curtains around the terrace area. To cater for the cold, windy and wet weather we sometimes get in the winter.

Paco, the boss at Alborán, told me he hopes it will open in early December. Just as well as Alborán is hosting a national final of an amateur golf competition on 8 & 9 December 2017.

Francis House 2017 Winners

Here are a couple of photos of the winners of the 2017 Francis House golf competition on the first tee yesterday.

John A has sent us the following message about the 2017 Francis House better ball pairs competition that took place at Almerimar yesterday...

"Please could you on behalf of Francis House Children's Hospice thank everyone for their support at the 21st Annual Almerimar Golf Tournament. A fantastic amount of over 1500€ was raised which has already gone to hands on care at the Hospice."

From those that took part, thanks to everyone who was involved in the organisation of the event. Also, well done to the joint winners, Uli & Jim and Sune & Marianne. They both scored 47 points and will share the trophy and goblet for the year.

John A has been in touch with the following information...

Francis House Annual Pairs Betterball established 1996

Saturday 25th November 2017

Entry 20€ plus Own Green Fee

08:00  Anthony K & Carlos L  
08:16  Kevin W & Peter E  Herman Li & Penny
08:24  Gerard & Geradine  Heinz & Klaus
08:32  John Fl & Michelle  Barry & Dot
08:40  Doug & Derek  Hans O & Mimi
08:48  Ingergerd & Thomas  Lee & Idris
08:56  John Wit & Paul M  Uschi & Jürgen N
09:04  Mel & Sylvia  Steve B & Nina
09:12  Dan & Anita  John Fi & Issie
09:20  Paul T & Vicky  Sune & Marianne
09:28  Brian D & Frank R  John Wil & Louise
09:36  Jim S & Uli  Lennart & Kristina
09:44  John Wo & Jacqui  Alan Sl & Sharon
09:52  Peter W & Rita  John A & Roisin

John A has been in touch with the following information about the Francis House pairs golf competition this coming Saturday....

The entry list is on the board at the Golf Club. Most of the later morning tee times have been taken. However 8.00am and next three tee times are still available.

Entry of 20€ per person to be paid on the day. Each player will receive a strip of Raffle Tickets. Anybody wanting more it's 5€ a strip.

The presentation and raffle is taking place at Los Sabores at 3.30pm.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Jacqui, Alan, Sharon and myself recording the results of Friday golf competitions on a website.

My understanding is that Friday golf competitions in Almerimar probably started in the 1980s. Since then they have been organised by many people. We are just the latest in a long line of organisers.

I believe that in 2007 the responsibility for organising Friday competitions was passed on to us. I think this was sometime in the autumn of 2007. Soon after taking over we decided to record the results on a website. The first set of recorded results went up on the Almerimar Today Golf website on 9 November 2007.

One of our readers, Chalky, sent me a copy of the latest newsletter from the R&A about golf rules and other issues.

The newsletter included links to two pages available on the R&A site:

Improving the pace of play. This page addresses ready golf, player behaviour, management practices and course set-up. This is particularly timely given the pace of play at Almerimar at the moment. One key recommendation is to play ready golf when not playing match play.

Response to proposed rule changes to happen on 1 January 2019.

The next couple of weeks are going to be the crunch time for the new Almerimar winter golf course layout.

Between now and late November we will see the highest demand so far placed on the course. Things will then probably be a little quieter in the period from late November through to the end of February. We will then expect to see another period of high demand in March/April 2018.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. Somehow the management has to try to balance the demand for access to the course from hotel guests, long stay Swedish players and locals. While trying to avoid slow play so that everyone can have an enjoyable round. Plus ensuring that anyone playing in the afternoon gets the opportunity to finish in daylight.

Fingers crossed that all goes well.

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