Only a couple of days ago I publish a link to a story on the Olive Press site about the new golf school close to the Alborán golf course not yet having opened.

Yesterday Jacqui spotted a link on Facebook to the story here on Ideal describing the opening this week.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


El Toyo Golf School opens this week

The Minister of Tourism and Sport has justified the delay in putting it into operation - planned for December 2015 - in "administrative problems" because "first" had to process the municipal license

The Golf School of El Toyo was inaugurated this Monday by the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Andalusian Government, Francisco Javier Fernández, who has justified that the delay in its implementation - predicted for December of 2015 - in "Administrative problems" because "first" had to process the municipal license "once finished the facilities" to which were added "some problems" for the constitution of the "administrative form of management of the field."

During an inaugural tour of the facilities, Fernández explained to reporters the intention of the Andalusian Government that this space allow golf "to be something affordable to the maximum of people possible", for what has been done "this Effort "in collaboration with the municipal golf course, also located in El Toyo.

In addition, indicates that from the Council that leads have "sought" that the Golf School of El Toyo have a "social development", allowing access to the practice of this sport for people with disabilities, as it is an accessible space.

To this end, a training course for trainers specifically oriented to golf for people with disabilities will be celebrated. The objective is that in the course 2017-18 there will be an offer of training courses for teachers and "a practical application" that allows working psychomotor and movement with people with disabilities.

He also highlighted the holder of Tourism and Sports in Andalusia that "after the time has been pending opening" this school also aims to offer "the sports reinforcement of having a top level facilities available to anyone who wants to practice golf "Which is" accompanied "by the paddle courts attached to this facility.

About their relationship with the City Council, which also manages the Alborán Golf Club in El Toyo, has indicated that they maintain a "constant" dialogue and will have the possibility to "develop joint use agreements" that will benefit the people who Are part of the municipal club.

The price to use the driving range that the councilor inaugurated Monday is 10 euros, in order to make it "affordable", which would add up the expenses added by other services as well as obtaining the user's card Of the sports services of the Junta de Andalucía, which is "valid for all facilities" of the community, he recalled.

These facilities had a total investment of 2.8 million euros "between the project and the work" and, Fernández points out, "the most important thing is that 15 jobs have been created that, once they have" Of more services "may be" increased ".

On the other hand, on the possibility of expanding this space in the future, the counselor has stated that first "consolidate the service" as well as "the infrastructure" that has been created and, "once we have consolidated, viewed and evaluated What are the uses "can be considered" possible extensions "in both tracks and sports services" outside of what is golf. " But there is still no "due date".

The Golf School of El Toyo is the third of Andalusia and joins the existing ones in La Garza, Linares and La Cartuja de Sevilla which, according to the Tourism and Sports representative, "are examples of success" and have an acceptance "More than valuable" while allowing "golf is not only for people who come to play" but "anyone" can practice it.

At the same time, Fernández responds to the criticism of the opposition to the investment made by the Andalusian Administration in a sport considered "elitist" and that for the counselor, through this type of facilities, is made available to all types of people.

The school of El Toyo has an area of ​​60,000 square meters in which, in addition to the golf driving range and two green areas, there are four paddle tennis courts, a training room, locker rooms and a parking area. All this, will allow serving about 1,600 people per month.

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