The article here on the Sol Times site has details of more Jet2 flights into Almería for 2018. From Belfast, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle.

On many occasions we have taken day trips to the Cabo de Gata nature park. Having just had a look at the article here on the Voz de Almería site I have found out that later this month there will be the 30th anniversary of the natural park being founded.

Read More for a Google translation of the article (and click on the link to the article to see a few good bird watching photos).

Read more: Cabo de Gata - 30 years a national park later this month

The article here on the Euro Weekly news site has details of a significant increase in the number of arrivals at Almería airport in April 2017 compared with a year ago. With big increases from the UK and Belgium. Also it is expected there will be more people from Germany this summer.

I guess this might be a sign that we are in for a busy summer.

Tourism attractions in Almería

Almería tourist attractions map

Last Sunday we played in the Onda Cero golf competition at Alborán. After the competition we got given a goodie bag with loads of things. Including some tourist information about the city and province of Almería.

The two images above have been pieced together from some A4 sized scans I have done of one of the leaflets we were given. This one describes tourist attractions in the city of Almería.

Almerimar tourism

The article here on the town hall website has details of a boost for the commercial sector and tourism in the area.

Reading the not very good Google translation of the article it looks like the Junta de Andalucía has declared Almerimar and Balerma areas that have officially got a large influx of tourists. This among other things will allowing more flexibility in opening hours for businesses during the busy parts of the year (e.g. Easter and the summer months).

Read More for the full Google translation of the article.

Read more: A boost for the commercial sector and tourism in Almerimar

Alhambra, Granada

I normally only write about things happening not too far away from Almerimar. However having just seen the article here on the Eye on Spain site I thought it worth a mention. The 360 degree views that you can see via the article are very good indeed.

With the motorway to Granada now all open via Motril I guess it should take a little less than 2 hours to reach the Alhambra from Almerimar. It is well worth a visit if you have never been before. Remember to take some warm clothes with you if you go in spring, autumn or the winter.

Apparently 42 km of ski slopes are already open in the Sierra Nevada this winter according to the article here on Olive Press site.

I guess this is good news for those people who like to do a bit of skiing as well as soaking up the winter sun in Almerimar.

You can certainly see quite a bit of snow on the mountains at the moment. I guess this is the result of all of the bad weather that we have had in the last week or so across a lot of Spain including the Granada and Almería regions.

I spotted the story here on the Euro Weekly News site about promotion of "Almeria’s Dollars Trilogy Route, dedicated to Sergio Leone’s famous Spaghetti Western films" at a tourism event in London.

After a little look on the internet I found some more information about the route here on the site.

Gabriel at the tourist office has been in touch with information about lunch at the indoor market at Santa Domingo......

"Just drop you a line to tell that they have the very same lunch service as in El Ejido indoor market in Santo Domingo indoor market. It can be reached with bus lines 1 and 2, which have a stop right next to it.

Their contact details are:
Avenida Oasis, 117
04700 El Ejido
(+34) 669 59 65 43"

Gabriel from the tourist office has given me some links to more videos about Clisol and aspects of agriculture in the area. Thanks Gabriel.

I have added them in to the story that you can see via the Clisol Videos link in the Featured Tourism menu.

As the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC) has given some information to the tourist office for them to hand out I have added a link to a copy of the information in the Featured Tourism menu. To make it easy for people to find out about it.

Short mat bowls is a fun activity that is now available in Almerimar twice a week. I encourage people to try it out. It only costs 5 euros for non-members to try out the sport.

few hours flower

few hours flower

Manuel from La Almunya del Sur has sent us some fantastic pictures from the day we visiting the gardens last week. I have added them all in a separate category in the Gallery.

The photos above are of a flower on a cactus that is close to the entrance to the gardens. As we were leaving the gardens we saw the flower in bud. We were told that in a few hours it would flower and that a few hours later the flower would drop off.

We asked Manuel to take pictures of the flower when it opened and send them to us.

In the same entrance courtyard area there was another trailing plant up against the wall on the other side of the courtyard from the flowering cactus. On our way out Manuel showed us the thousands of seeds that were growing on the plant. He explained that they all dropped off the plant at the same time and said that the sound of it was like falling rain.

Thanks again to Manuel and Carlos for showing us round the gardens.

Local tourism leaftlet

Local tourism leaflet

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for giving me this leaflet about tourist attractions in the area.

If you want more details about anything you see on this leaflet I suggest that you call in to the tourist office.

La Almunya del Sur

La Almunya del Sur

Late yesterday afternoon a group of 5 people spent some time at the La Almunya del Sur botanical gardens. We spent around 1 1/2 to 2 hours looking around and had a fantastic time. It was so peaceful and relaxing as well as being very interesting.

You can see directions to the gardens on one of the images above (click on them to see bigger versions).

The gardens are normally open on Sunday mornings but they opened up especially for us yesterday.

There were two guides who showed us around the gardens, Manuel and Carlos. Their English was about as good as our Spanish (Alan & Sharon plus Jacqui and myself). So it was lucky we had a Spanish friend, Paco, with us who speaks good English.

We found out that the gardens were started in 1969 and they have plants from all 5 continents. The gardens have been built up over the many years by cuttings being shared between various plant growers in Spain.

One highlight was a 20 year poinsettia tree. There were many other beautiful examples as well.

We were told that the best time of year to visit is in May. The gardens have the most colour then. In the autumn the best times are around the end of October or the beginning of November. However if you want to be there where the grapes on the terrace are ready to be harvested you need to be there in September.

We agreed with Manuel and Carlos that we may look to arrange one or more group visits later in the year if readers are interested. We were told that the maximum size for a group visit would be around 8-10 people.

Alternatively you could always pop in to the tourist office in Almerimar and speak to Gabriel. He has copies of the leaflet above and has visited the gardens himself. So he could provide you with more information.

Thanks to Manuel and Carlos for being such excellent guides. They told us a great deal about the plants on show in the garden.

You can see lots of photos from our visit in the Gallery.

La Almunya del Sur

We visited the La Almunya del Sur botanical gardens yesterday. Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for setting up this visit for us.

You can see loads of photos from the visit in the Gallery.

I am a bit busy at the moment so I will write a story about the visit when I get a bit of free time.

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