Following the trial of the new winter golf course layout earlier this month a few people complained to me about the long walks between holes when playing the Red and Blue combination.

Over the last couple of weeks or so I have played the course in various combinations and have walked or estimated various distances.

This covered distances to and from the clubhouse for the first and last holes on the 3 proposed new combinations of courses (White & Red, Red & Blue and Blue & White). Plus any long walks between holes on the three 3 layouts.

I then compared this with the same information for the current Master (Master 1 & 2) course.

The results are as follows:

Steps Course Calculation
930 Red & Blue  30 to first tee on Red (Master 10) from clubhouse + 350 from Red 3 (Master 12) to Red 4 (Classic 5) + 350 from Red 8 (Classic 9) to Red 9 (Master 13) + 200 from Blue 9 (Master 18) to clubhouse 
1000 Current Master 300 to first tee from clubhouse + 500 between 9th green and 10th tee + 200 from 18th to the clubhouse
1200 Blue & White 600 to first tee on Blue (Master 14) from clubhouse + 100 from Blue 9 (Master 18) to White 1 (Master 1) + 500 from White 9 (Master 9) to the clubhouse
1300 White & Red 300 to White 1 (Master 1) from clubhouse + 500 from White 9 (Master 9) to Red 1 (Master 10) + 500 from Red 9 (Master 13) to clubhouse


I found the results a little surprising as the Red & Blue combination has the least number of steps when you make this comparison.

There are a couple of long walks during a round playing the new Red & Blue layout. I guess that as it is a new combination people have placed more emphasis on these distances.

However the fact that you start on the current Master hole 10 and finish on current Master hole 18  means that overall the walking is less on Red & Blue than when you play the current Master course. It is also less distance to walk than the other two new layout combinations (White & Red and Blue & White).

The 5 day trial of the new course layout is now over.

Talking to people it seems like the trial has generally been a success. There are still some things for Juan and the caddy master staff to sort out before the new layout goes live in the autumn (slope tables, courses on gps devices etc.).

For me it feels like the new layout will be a success. As long as there is effort put in to ensure that the morning golfers finish their rounds on time. So the afternoon golfers are not held up and left playing in the dark during the shorter winter days.

Almerimar Official Competitions 2017

Before we played Friday golf yesterday I took a photo of the list of the official golf competitions at Almerimar this year. The list went up on the notice board in the clubhouse recently.

Winter 2017 Scorecard


UPDATED  8/4/17 - Now includes details of changes to Stroke Index (SI) values for holes on the old Classic (Master 3) and back 9 Master (Master2).

Further to the earlier story here about the trial of a new golf course layout next week. As you can see from the picture above the new scorecards for the trial are now available. (Click on the image to select it then click again on the image that appears to see the scorecard in detail.)

Jacqui asked what is happening to the stroke indexes of the holes. So I have added an extra image that shows the changes. It shows that of the 27 holes 16 have just about the same stroke index as before. The stroke index is reduced for four holes on the old back 9 Master (Master 2) and one hole on the old Classic (Master 3). The stroke index increases for two holes on the old back 9 Master (Master 2) and 4 holes on the old Classic (Master 3).

Almerimar winter golf layout?

Further to the earlier article here about the possibility that the layout of the Almerimar golf course may change for the winter 2017/2018 season.

I understand that the new winter layout will be tested out next week from Monday 10 April through to Friday 14 April 2017.

As shown in the diagram above from the earlier article the course will be split into 3 separate sets of 9 holes that follow on from each other. These have now been named as follows:

A - WHITE (current holes 1-9 on the Master course) - not shown on the diagram above

B - RED (current holes 10-12 on the Master course, then holes 5-9 on the Classic course, then current hole 13 on the Master course)  - shown in black with walks between courses in blue on diagram above

C - BLUE (current hole 14 on the Master course, then holes 1-4 on the Classic course, then current holes 15-18 on the Master course) - shown in white with walks between courses in red on diagram above

People playing 18 holes will play one of 3 combinations of the 9 hole courses: white & red, red & blue or blue & white.

I understand that there will be starting times from 08:00 until 09:52 on each of the 3 starting holes (current holes 1, 10 & 14). Each group will also be allocated a starting time for their second 9 holes 2 hours and 24 minutes after their initial start time. So the 09:52 groups will be expected to start their 2nd 9 holes at 12:16 at the latest.

I believe that there is likely to be a marshal on the course to ensure that people play quick enough.

There is a second set of starting tee times later in the day off the same 3 tees (current holes 1, 10 & 14). These starting times begin at 12:50. So there is around a 25 minute gap between when the last morning group is expected to start their 2nd 9 holes and when the first afternoon groups are due to start.

As with the morning groups, the afternoon groups will be allocated a tee time for their 2nd 9 holes 2 hours and 24 minutes after their initial start time. So the 12:50 start time will be expected to start their 2nd 9 holes no later than 15:14.

I guess that the management of the course will review how the trial goes and then make a final decision about whether they are going go ahead with the new winter layout. I guess if they do go ahead the change will occur in September/October 2017.

Just a couple of further updates about the golf course.

I understand that there may be a plan to try out the proposed new layout of the golf course for a few days sometime in April. If that works OK I think the idea is to switch to the new layout in the autumn in time for the influx of winter golfers.

The other item is a change to the 9th hole on the Master 1 (front 9) course. Previously there was out of bounds (OOB) all down the side of the hole close to the main road through Almerimar. This made shots over the water hazard very difficult. The OOB white posts in this area have all been changed to red posts to signify a lateral hazard. This means that if you lose your ball in the trees close to the road you can take a penalty drop 2 club lengths from point of entry in to the hazard. Rather than have to replay the shot from the place you played it from. I feel that this is an excellent improvement to the design of the course.

Possible course changes at Almerimar  - 2017

Just a couple of bits and pieces about the golf course.....

Slope Tables

There are new slope tables now on show near the pro-shop. The slope tables are now in bigger text so they are easier to read. There are 3 tables for the courses here and all have changed.

The table for the Master 1 & 2 (old Master) course now uses integer values for handicaps higher than 36.There is no change to this table for handicaps of 36 and below. This change to integer values for higher handicaps was included in the 2016 implementation of EGA handicapping.

Also the slope for the Master 3 (old Classic) course has been revised. The course is now viewed as being more difficult than before. This means that the other 2 slope tables have changed. These cover twice around the old Classic (now Master 3) and the old Classic combined with the back 9 of the old Master course (now Master 3 & 2). Both tables show a small increase in sloped handicaps. Plus all handicaps above 36 now use integer values on these 2 tables.

Course layout

Another bit of news is that a change in the layout of the course is being considered. The idea is to reduce the need for shuttle services between the current 3 sets of 9 holes and allow more people on the course at the same time more easily. This would be particularly useful when the course is busy.

To do this the back 9 of the old Master (now Master 2) would be combined with the old Classic (now Master 3). This would create 2 new sets of 9 holes as described below.

One 9 would be current holes 10, 11 and 12 (first 3 holes of Master 2) followed by holes 5 to 9 on Master 3 (old Classic). Then back under the bridge to finish on the old 13th hole (hole 4 on Master 2).

The other 9 would be current hole 14 (hole 5 on Master 2) followed by holes 1 to 4 on Master 3 (old Classic). Then back under the bridge to play current holes 15-18 (holes 6 to 9 on Master 2).

This would mean that all 3 starting holes (current holes 1, 10 and 14) and all 3 finishing holes (current holes 9,13 and 14) would be within walking distance of the clubhouse. Also, the 3 sets of 9 holes follow on naturally from each other so there would be no need for transportation of golfers between the different sets of 9 holes.

It is being suggested that this layout may be tried out for a week in April and may be put in place in time for the 2017 winter season.

Hole 1 Master course - 3 February 2017

Further to the story the other day. As you can see good progress is being made on building the new toilet block near hole 1 of the Master course.

The starters hut/chiringuito is just about complete. As is the practice net and the buggy parking area. The small putting green that was turfed a while ago is coming along nicely. You can see more photos of these areas in the Gallery.

As I was coming round from the 9th yesterday I had a quick word with the builders who were tiling the inside of the small toilet block. They said it will have 2 cubicles and one sink.

Looks like it should not be long now before everything is up and running.

While playing golf yesterday I noticed a few changes taking place on the Master course.

Work is well underway on the toilets that are being built close to the 1st tee. The small building is up and now they are working on the inside. Yesterday thy were tiling the wall. Also, chairs and tables have been set out close to the starters hut (small chiringuito) that has been completed in the same area.

On the course a lot of the trees and bushes were being trimmed. In particular on the corners of dog-legs on holes 4 and 5. Plus work was taking place tidying up the edges of bunkers.

It is great to see the continued improvements in the course and the facilities.

If I get a chance I will take a few photos and publish them here in the next few days.

Golf practice net November 2016

Golf practice net November 2016

For ages now I have been wondering what the 4 wooden posts were for in the area close to the first tee on the Master course.
Now we know.

As you can see from the photos above there is a practice net being built close to the new starters hut.

John Andrew's entry list for the 2016 Francis House charity golf competition is now up on the noticeboard in the clubhouse. The competition is taking place on Saturday 19 November 2016.

The competition has taken place annually in Almerimar since 1996. As usual it is a better ball pairs competition.

John will be letting people know further details closer to the date of the event.

Almerimar golf winter opening times 2016

When I was down at the clubhouse the other day I took a photo of the notice showing opening times for the golf this winter now the clocks have changed.

John A has informed us that this year the annual Francis House charity golf competition is being scheduled for Saturday 19 November 2016.

I will publish further information about the competition here when John passes it on to me.

Firstly, welcome back to Marianne & Sune who we met in the clubhouse yesterday afternoon after we had a knock-around on the Master course.

There are some changes being made on the Master course for the winter.

The first thing is that there are some white lines along the edge of the fairways defining different shaped edges to the fairways. I guess the green keepers will be cutting the fairways to these edges at least for the winter period. So it looks like a lot of the fairways are going to be narrowed a bit for the winter.

The second thing is that a number of drop zones have been put in place for when people are playing friendly golf. I guess they are not for official competitions as the local rules for the course say there are no drop zones to be used in official competition.

Some of the drop zones are the same as before. However others are different making the course easier to play. I guess this is to speed up play in the busy winter period. Here is a list of the drop zones I spotted yesterday:

Hole 1 - a new drop zone just in front of the ladies orange tee. So if people go in to the water on their second

Hole 8 - where it used to be at the side of the pond close to the 9th tee
Hole 11 - a new drop zone at the very far end of the water close to the 11th green.

Hole 12 - the drop zone is located on the island.

We did not spot any other drop zones on the course. However we will take a closer look when we next play.

Work near hole 1

Jacqui and I had a 9 hole knock-around yesterday afternoon. While there I took some pictures of the work taking place close to the 1st tee on the Master course. You can see more photos in the Gallery.

I understand that there is going to be a starters hut, a chiringuito, a parking area for buggies and a small putting green. The putting green is close to the back edge of the 1st tee as you go towards the 9th green.

While we were playing yesterday we were told by friends we bumped into that the greens had been hollow tined and the tees had been worked on while we were away. It is normal for greens in this part of Spain to be hollow tined in September so this was no real surprise.

We can confirm that the greens are still recovering from the tining so they are a little slow at the moment. The good news is that we played 18 holes on Friday then 9 holes yesterday. In those 2 days the greens had improved quite a bit. So all being well they will continue to improve in the coming days.

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