Marianne & Sune

Another day in paradise.... we were 18 players today and we enjoyed a summer´s day with 24 degrees, sunshine and no wind at all. A perfect December day in Almerimar EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji

Read More for the results.

The ladies all brought Christmas presents instead of inscription fees and we had a very happy prize giving. The men paid the usual 5 euros... and we all enjoyed the nice tapas and drinks in the club house.
All present agreed to play another Christmas Tuesday Golf next week, so if you are interested the list will be up tomorrow for Dec 22. You are all very welcome EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji
Here are today's results:
1. Uschi        36 p
2. Uli            35 p
3. Marilena    33 p
1. Jorge        40 p
2. Sune        38 p
3. Adrian       36 p
4. Stefan      36 p
Token for driving range: Adrie