Marianne & Sune

Another beautiful day in paradise with very little wind and just some lovely white clouds playing in the sky. The Stadium Course is getting better all the time and the greens were quite fast.
We hope to get decent tee times for next week but there is a big Tarleton Group here, so look out for the tee times on the inscription list....

Read More for the results.

1. Uschi        38 p
2. Uli             34 p
3. Fiona        33 p
4. Joan         32 p
5. Marianne   31 p
Money-back-guarantee: Maria H
1. Jürgen N   37 p
2. Adrie         34 p
3. Thomas    33 p
4. David H    32 p
5. Paul M     32 p
Token for the practice groung: Idris