Marianne & Sune

Received from Marianne on Tuesday evening but published on Wednesday.....

We had a very strange experience today since Almerimar Golf had forgotten a group of  9 fourballs, so we had to wait over an hour and change our tee times from Classic to Master Course, but luckily there was sunshine and no wind and the bar in the club house stayed open until we all had our drinks and tapas after  golf. Thank you very much to the fantastic men in the bar!!!!

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1. Uli                37 p
2. Joan             31 p
3. Marianne    31 p
4. Anne R         30 p
Money-back-guarantee: Judy
1. Ivan               42 p
2. Sune             37 p
3. Heinz            36 p
4. Adrian          35 p
5. Wilhelm       33p
6. John G          32 p
Token  for the driving range:  Mike G