Marianne & Sune

Looking out today we were lucky that we had our competition yesterday. I do not think we could have played at all today in this wind.....
We were 31 players enjoying the warm sunshine on the Master Course. Next week we will again play the Master Course and on popular demand we will play on Wedesday also next week, April 6th, and first tee time is 13.06. List is up in the club house!

Read More for the results.

1. Marianne       35 p
2. Uli                    33 p
3. Carmina          33 p
4. Ingrid H           33 p
Money-back-guarantee: Ingrid F Ö
1. Filip                   41 p
2. Julian                38 p
3. Jan S                  38 p
4. Richard              37 p
5. Dan                    36 p
6. Paco G                35 p
7. Jorge                  33 p