Long term readers of the site may remember the World Cup 2010 guess the scores sweepstake in El Arroz. People might also remember the Slywood sweepstake that we held for the 2014 World Cup.

Our roving reporter, bowls and football enthusiast, Alan S, has decided that it is time we organised another World Cup sweepstake. This time for the 2022 World Cup.

We are just at the planning stage at the moment. It will probably be similar in concept to the events described in the links above. However there are likely to be a few tweaks to the format.

For sure, just like the other World Cup sweepstakes, it is likely to focus on the games of specific teams until they are knocked out or win the competition.

We are hoping to be able to announce details of the sweepstake around the beginning of September.

One thing we are considering is charging a small up front entry fee as a "cover charge". So any people that pay the initial entry fee for the sweepstake would be guaranteed seats to see all of the games selected as part of the sweepstake. At the local hostelry we choose as the place where we will watch the specific games.

So keep an eye out for an announcement of the details of the sweepstake in around 5-6 weeks time.