Further to the request from Jules. We have had a couple of comments so far....


"We went by train .....excellent service but you need to book which way you want your seat to face. Plenty of taxis to hotel. Definitely book a tour of the Alhambra ....too much to see without a guide."

"My tip would be don't go.  I found it the most frustrating and unpleasant adventure of all my time in the region.  Service in general was poor to bad.  Pricing ditto.  We did actually use the bus station having driven there, parked and tried to bus into the centre.  Roadworks caused chaos; there was no signage in Spanish or English to indicate bus diversions and cancellations and as a result we missed our slot to visit the Alhambra.  The locals too seemed pretty dour folk and unfriendly to boot.
We cancelled the hotel and returned home to Almerimar but not before visiting Guadix, stopping for some walking in the Sierra Nevada National Park and spending some time strolling around Lanjaron and Orgiva which were a delight.
The palace in Almeria proved a much better visit and there are some smashing restaurants and eateries there.
My opinion only; perhaps the gods were colluding against us that day."


We will publish more if/when we receive them.