I had a chat with Spencer earlier today about UK satellite TV in Spain. He said he has had loads of people asking him what is going to happen. We will be preparing a more detailed article for publication soon. However, in the meantime, to stop Spencer having to explain this many times to many people here is a brief summary.

Read More for details.

- After the recent satellite launch it is highly likely that most if not all freeview channels will no longer be available for reception via satellite in the area of Spain from Mojacar to Gibraltar from sometime in November 2013. Irrespective of what dish size you look to use.

- In the meantime, in terms of satellite reception, the recommendation is to wait and see until then. Just in case things are not as bad as Spencer thinks they will be.

- Also, Spencer says it is not worth looking to purchase a replacement product yet as people need to wait and see what happens when the changes to the satellite service have been completed.

- Spencer is looking at alternative products. Please note that these are likely to require a regular monthly payment and a consistently fast internet connection (around 3mbps at least). Spencer said "IF YOU EXPECT ENGLISH TV FOR FREE IN SPAIN YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO BE DISAPPOINTED".

I have some initial details of possible replacement products or services. However we need to write up the details. We will look to do this over the next few days. In the meantime it is probably not worth asking Spencer much more as he will just explain that you will have to wait and see what happens in November.

Look out for more information from Spencer here soon.