Almerimar bus timetable 2014

A couple of days ago someone asked me about the buses between Almerimar and El Ejido. By chance I had to use one of the buses yesterday and it had a new timetable for 2014 on the window (see above).

Until now I had never known the route the bus takes so I stayed on the bus for a bit.

As you can see from above the buses run between every 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours ish depending on the day and time of day. So not a very frequent service. Cost was 1.33 euros.

Read More for a few details.

Firstly watch out as the sign on the front of the bus does not seem to change depending on whether it is heading to or from Almerimar.

The timing for pick up at the bus station in El Ejido close to El Corte Inglés is about 10 minutes after the time shown above for Bulevar.

You pick up the bus from in the street outside the bus garage in El Ejido. Diagonally across the roundabout from El Corte Inglés. Only the long distance buses arrive and leave from the main part of the bus garage.

The bus from El Ejido bus garage loops around a roundabout and heads back towards El Ejido main street. It then turns right and goes along the high street heading east. At the roundabout at the end of the high street it turns right. It takes the road past the El Ejido hotel and Radio Vision on the left all the way down to Lidl near the motorway. It then crosses the motorway and goes into Copo. It then goes down the side road next to the dual carriageway all the way to the roundabout at the top of Almerimar.

It comes down the hill into Almerimar passing the hotel on the right. It then goes straight across keeping Mercadona on the right. It goes all the way down to Spirit Mar, then left towards the horse riding centre. It goes past Las Entinas and Altas Entinas and almost reaches the D'Bar on Calle Alcor. It then turns left taking the road down towards El Espigon and the sea. At the roundabout before the car park with the NHS doctors it turns right and makes its way back to the Mercadona roundabout. Here it turns left. At the next roundabout it turns left into Darsena 1 in the port (in the direction of the Poniente Golf shop). It turns around near Leo's and heads back towards the roundabout near Porto Fino and Bungalows del Golf.

At this point I had got off the bus so I am not certain about the rest of the route. However, it did turn left at the roundabout after it left Darsena 1. Heading up to the lakes area. So my guess is that it goes all the way up to the lakes, then all of the way back again. I guess it then turns left at the Mercadona roundabout and makes it way back to EL Ejido.

I have never taken a bus to El Ejido so I do not know the exact round for the journey from Almerimar to El Ejido.

Hopefully Brian S, the person who asked about buses, will read this at some point.