Further to the query about bike repairs. One of our readers has suggested the following:

"I came across a bicycle repair shop on the way into El Ejido near where Radio Vision shop used to be, on the same side of the street, it might do the business."

A reader has been in touch asking whether anyone knows of someone in the area who does bike repairs. The person has one bike where the chain keeps slipping off and another bike stuck in the same gear.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help please can you get in touch and we will pass on their contact details to the person who has asked us.

I have recently received the following  request.....

"i am looking for information regarding somewhere in the area where i can buy or scrounge unwanted house removal cartons for a move to county in june."

If anyone can help provide some information please get in touch and I will pass the information on to the person who asked about this.

I received this from our of our readers, Anthony K......

I arrived in Spain 2 years ago from England. Initially I did not rush to learn Spanish but have now adjusted and tried a number of different techniques and am making good progress being at a healthy intermediate level (just enough to be dangerous!). Below is a list of resources both online and local that will benefit anyone wishing to study Spanish from Almerimar. It is far from exhaustive but hopefully it can help you on your journey. Best of luck!

Read More to read the article.

Read more: Learning Spanish in Almerimar

One of our readers has been in touch with the following query.....

"Our friend is looking for a room to rent in a house or apartment in Almerimar. Or alternatively a one bedroom furnished apartment in Almerimar. They would like to rent for 1-3 months and if they are happy up to two years."

If you are interested please get in touch and we will pass on the information to the person who is asking.

Sofa for sale

We recently received a request to advertise this from our of our readers Sue O. If you are interested in this please get in touch and we will provide you with contact details for Sue.

"We have a sofa set which can be made into a bed and also has loads of storage under the seats. We have a sofa set which can be made into a bed and also has loads of storage under the seats."

Read More to see a couple more pictures.

Read more: Sofa and storage for sale

UPDATED - Christina has said this will be a reasonably regular thing on Tuesday mornings this winter. Tuesday is a good day as people can pay their "rates" on Tuesdays. It will not be every Tuesday morning so it will be best to keep an eye on Almerimar Today to see which Tuesdays Christina will be doing this.....

Christina G has been in touch saying she will again be making herself available to help people in the Almerimar town hall office from 10-11am tomorrow (Tuesday 22 September 2015).

She will be able to help people who do not speak much Spanish deal with the people in the office who provide local town hall services in Almerimar.

In October 2013 we had a request whether anyone had contact details for the area manager for Banco Popular. You can see the request here.

We have had another request for this same information now.

Does anyone have contact details? If yes, please can you let us know so we can pass them on to the person who has requested them.

One of our readers, Lou C, has asked the following....

"I hope somebody can help me. I'm trying to contact Carrefour Almerimar but not having any luck. I hope someone can help me by getting a phone number or e mail address for them."

If you have any useful information for Louise please get in touch and we will pass it on.

One of our readers, Kamila, has asked for some help as follows:

"I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good cleaner in Almerimar and also a babysitter for one night a week during school term and weekdays during school holidays? - Also a good electrician???"

If you have any recommendations please let us know and we will pass them on to Kamila.

One of our readers, Angela S, has been in touch asking whether anyone can loan or rent her and her family a travel cot for the week from 8-15 September 2015.

She has access to one cot but there are two small kids coming over so she needs another one.

If you can help Angela please get in touch and we will pass on your details to her.

Round courgette or marrow?

The fruit and veg fairy has been at it again. This time we have been left with something that we are not sure about. We think it might be a round courgettte or marrow but we are not certain.

Can anyone out there confirm what it is? Thanks.


UPDATED: Thanks to Christer for the following information... There is a company called Pepe Tours that do trips from Roquetas. Here is a link to their site.

One of our readers has asked whether anyone knows of a company that organises regular coach trips from Almerimar to Granada. If anyone knows of a company doing this please can you let us know and we will pass on the information.

We have just received this from one of our readers......

"Microwave combined grill oven for sale.  Nice and clean and not too big…..white outer and stainless steel inner ….with manual instructions in several languages!!!!  25 euro."

If you are interested please get in touch and we will provide you with contact details.

We have received a request to post the following information from one of our readers, Pam R:

"Nurse with 10 years experience in a London Hospital offers home or hospital care. Spanish with excellent English.
Please contact Belen on 657 654 948."

I have just received this email from a reader. If you are interested I can give you his email address and UK mobile phone number....

"I have various Pine Furniture pieces for sale at a very reasonable price as I am clearing my Apartment."

Has anyone lost a well groomed, non-aggressive dog?  Pam R has spotted a brown cocker spaniel with a harness and a white tick collar roaming around Calle Alcor recently. She thinks it might be lost.

Old photo of Almerimar

As some readers may know Jacqui and I have created a page on Facebook called Memorias de Almerimar. We use it to share old photos of Almerimar and also information about the history of the town.

Please get in touch if you have any old photos Almerimar that you would be willing to publish on the page.

PS You can see a more complete version of the photo above by clicking on it.

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