Pilates etc. July 2021

On Saturday I was walking over from the golf clubhouse to Coviran. supermarket (at the back of Porto Fino). To buy some Warburtons crumpets from their freezer section.

On the way there I spotted one of the unused businesses was being done up. It was only this morning when I remembered that I had taken the photos.

When I was passing the place had cleaners in it. Getting it ready to open yesterday.

I guess it has a contact phone number and opening hours on a notice in the window not it has opened.

If you want to shop in the supermarket on Monday you had better go early.

I was in Mercadona earlier today. There was an announcement saying the place was shutting at 3pm on MOnday 7 December 2020.

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Just a couple of bits and pieces of non-coronavirus news.

Well I did not expect that. I was down in town a little while earlier today. I thought that as it was a Sunday in August Mercadona would be open. However it was closed today. I guess the summer season has finished now.

The other bit of news is about what used to be Minimal (over the road from the entrance into the golf car park). This has reopened as a sports bar and gambling place. According to the signs that went up recently. I will take a photo next time I am passing.

Yesterday I had to walk around town for around 45 minutes. Between two visits to the opticians. I used the time walking around the marina looking for businesses that I think are relatively new. I managed to find 4.

We start with what used to be Minimal. This is on the roundabout near the entrance to the golf club. No name and not open yet. However I think the opening may be soon.

New Minimal

I then went to Darsena 1 where I saw this restaurant that I have not noticed before.

Los Angeles

After that I made my way back towards the opticians. On the edge of "the square".

The first thing I noticed was a mini market next door to the opticians.

Mini market

Then between the opticians and the ferreteria I noticed a new bread shop.

New bread shop

There are probably some others that I have not noticed.

These days it is not often that I go in to the centre of town. Next time I do I will look out for some more changes to businesses.

A little bit of Almerimar bar and restaurant news...

Each time we drive down to the golf club we take a look at the work taking place at the roundabout at the entrance to the club.

Work has been going on for some time on the bar that used to be called Minimal (next door to Defontina  & Uva).

When I popped down today I noticed that some workmen were fitting some illuminated signage. So it looks like we will soon find out what the place is going to be called.

The windows are still covered so, as yet, you cannot see how much work has taken place inside.

my guess is that they are going to try to open the place pretty soon.

Fábrica Nómada

Earlier today Jacqui and I went out to lunch. Only our second time in a bar/restaurant since lock down has been lifted.

We had a very nice meal at Defontina & Uva (on the road in to Darsena 1).

On the way home we walked around the marina. We saw that Yogumar and Muelle Trece were both open on the right hand part of darsena 2. Plus what was previously B-11 was open as well. On the road down from the chinese shop in Porto Fino.

Also the building work on the other side of darsena 2 looks like it is now complete. You can see some photos of the work in progress from February 2020 here in the Gallery.

There are now a few businesses in the bottom corner of the left hand side of darsena 2. Plus a nails and beauty salon that Jacqui uses slightly further up in the same area. In between there are now some locals that I believe are available to lease.

One of the companies that did some of the building work on the locals was a local company called BGF. We know a number of the people who work for the company. As they take part in a lot of the official golf competitions at Almerimar. Plus the company sponsor some competitions as well.

As we were walking around the left hand side or darsena 2 we noticed a group of people having some lunch outside one of the recently built locals. It looked like it is going to be a bar/restaurant. They gave me the details about the business (see above) and said it should open in the next week or two. Here is a link to their website: https://fabricanomada.es/

At that point I noticed that one of the people in the group having a meal was one of the people from BGF that I had seen at many golf competitions.

It is really great to see some life in darsena 2. It had been almost dead for as long as I can remember.

Good luck to this and any other new business that sets up in that part of town.


I had an interesting query from a reader, Craig, yesterday. Asking what businesses (in particular bars and restaurants) have re-opened. Also, are there any that have closed permanently due to the crisis.

Jacqui and I have not been around town much since the lock down has been eased. As we are still being very careful.

So people who have been out and about please could you do me a favour. Please can you comment on this story on the Facebook page with details of what is open and closed now. (The story should be published on the Facebook page automatically later today).

As a starter Jacqui and I went to Osteria da Ralph in the square some time ago. Our only visit to a bar or restaurant in ages. I guess that this place is still open.

We have friends who say The Galley, D Bar and La Plaza have re-opened.

Where else?

I got out of the house today. For just about the first time in 3 days. The only other time was to walk the bins down to the street.

I went up to Copo with a long shopping list. Yes it did include toilet paper. The only thing I did not get was branston pickle.

It was a pretty relaxed shopping experience. Also it was pretty well stocked with just about everything. There were not many people so the queues were not long..

The only issue is that I do not shop there very often. So I had to wander around trying to find what I wanted. Mind you, it is a bit like that in Mercadona at the moment. I am still not used to the new layout.

This morning I had to call in to the clubhouse. On the way down there I noticed that work was taking place on the Minimal bar. Close to the roundabout to the clubhouse car park. So it looks like that place might open again soon.

The other piece of minor news is that it appears that the seagulls are nesting again. On the rocks between the 1st tee and the 4th green. So watch out for seagulls dive bombing you in that area. They perch on the top of the street lights. Then come flying in if you go near their nest.

This morning I was down in "the square" sorting out the details of the FGS Woodsly Cup 2020 prize giving dinner. The dinner will take place at La Plaza on the evening of Friday 31 January 2020.

While there I spotted that La Plaza is nearly ready to open again. THe was furniture being installed in the terrace area outside. Also, there was furniture in place in the much bigger indoor area.

It looks to me that it will probably reopen in the next few days,.

I spotted on Facebook that La Plaza is re-opening earlier than they previously said. They have announced they are going to open again on Wednesday 4 December 2019. Just in time for the busy bank holiday dates of 6 and 8 December. I guess that the building work might be progressing quicker than the anticipated.

More on the Almerimar bars and restaurants merry go round.....

I have heard from a few people that Milenio has closed.

Jacqui said it was all shut up when she walked past it earlier today.

Taberna B11 Breakfast - Sept 19

Following on from the taster menu evening last Saturday. Taberna B11 has contacted me to give me details of their breakfast offering to mention on here. They sent me the photos above. Please note that I generally do not get up early enough to go and try this out.

A friend recently told me that La Plaza will be closing on this Sunday. It is scheduled to reopen again on 15 December 2019. I understand that part of the reason for closing is some renovation work. Including increasing the size of the kitchen.

Just spotted on Facebook that El Tiburon is now open again for the summer season. It opened on Wednesday 1 May 2019. Good news for people who like pizza and paella not far from the beach.

Las Entinas Restaurant - Courtesy of David Garcia

Corrected - 18 April 2019 - name of restaurant changed to singular from plural.

Further to the story here earlier today. I have found this photo of the replacement for La Barbera on the Almerimar Vivelo Facebook page. The new place is called La Entina. The photo is courtesy of David Garcia.