Business near vets - 28 Feb 18

Jacqui and I went for a long walk around town this lunchtime. Seeing how busy things were on the Andalucía fiesta day. Also, looking out for any changes or upcoming changes to businesses in town.

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I only took one photo. The one above of the premises next door to the vets that is over the road from the back of Mercadona. As you can see it looks like they are finally putting the rest of the windows in. I still have no idea what the place is going to be. Whatever it is the premises are pretty large.

We started the walk by heading down towards the nature reserve end of the promenade. We then walked along the promenade. we had a look at the property that the people from A Place In The Sun bought in Spirit Mar. In the programme filmed May/June last year that aired on Channel 4 in early January 2018.

We went along the promenade past La Barbera and El Espigon. Both had quite a few people in, so business was reasonably brisk. We then went past the kiddies playground. It was heaving with kids playing and parents watching. After that we approached the end of Darsena 3 near to Cajamar bank. While there we spotted a vets practice that we did not know existed. Just along from Arkglow, Inox Almerimar (Corrected).

After that we walked along the bottom of Darsena 3 and along the side of "the square". We spotted further work being done on renovations to La Gaviota. We had a nice chat with a lady in there. She is from Roquetas and is hoping that the place will reopen in around 3 weeks time. All being well I will publish something on here once I know the exact opening date.

After that we walked around the back of "the square" past the florist shop. Then cut across the bottom of Darsena 2. The hairdressers is open close to the bottom of Darsena 2. However the two businesses either side are still being worked on. So they are not open yet. The music bar on the other side of the bottom of Darsena 2 seems to have closed down again. I am not sure how many times it has opened, closed or been renamed.

We then walked behind the closed music bar and took the photo above. After that we cut across to the bottom of Darsena 1. We went past the La Cuqui restaurant that is closed for refurbishment. We then walked round Darsena 1 and past Mario's. Mario's was really busy. We had a look at where the Poniente Golf Discount shop used to be (behind Habana bar). Apparently that is going to be opening as a coffee shop in the not too distant future.

After that we walked towards the poniente beach via the path behind the church. We then strolled along the promenade watching loads of windsurfers hanging around. I guess they were waiting for the wind speed to increase. There was one guy on a skateboard with a small "kite" surfing along the promenade to amuse himself. Looking at the weather forecast they will be having more that enough windy weather in the next couple of days.

We stopped off for a quick (non-alcoholic) drink in El Tuerto. While there we remembered when it used to be used as a venue for the prize giving for weekly golf competitions. After that the plan was to walk around the far end of the Classic course and take a look at the building work there. Sadly, I had put on a pair of shoes that were starting to give me blisters. So we headed back towards the shorter roue home via the golf clubhouse and hotel. We then nipped across the golf course and wandered home. Just in time for me to let my poorly feet air a bit and start to feel a bit better.

In conclusion, a few of the bars and restaurants were doing good business. However this is the time when the golf course is busy with long-stay players (mainly Swedish). Generally, the town was pretty quiet. With people having a relaxing time before what is likely to be a busy Easter period.

Next time we are out and about I will probably take some more pictures of the things I have described today.