Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Matthew....

"Could we please thank everybody for coming to see JaSa on Friday, we hope everybody had a good time and a special thanks to JaSa for performing.

This Friday the chip shop will be open as usual but we have made a change to our Friday party night to this Saturday for our Carlsberg World Cup party which will start from 19:00 hrs, GROOVY PHIL will be performing including a sing along to all the football favorites until the kick off of Englands first match against Italy at midnight. We will also be offering our brand new Doner kebab.

We look forward to seeing you all from all of us at Leos. Cally, Jan, Nina and Matthew"

Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Matt....

"I hope all is well, could you please thank everybody for making Friday night a hit and a special thanks to GROOVY PHIL for making the party go with such a swing.

This Wednesday we will be showing the Ecuador vs England match at 2100 hrs and Friday we have lined up a local talent called JaSa. We hope you can all make it,

Thanks again to all you groovsters."

Summer evenings in the Almerimar clubhouse - 2014

While I was dropping off the list for Friday golf next Friday I noticed a sign at the top of the stairs in the clubhouse.

As you can see from above there is a plan to open the clubhouse to serve food in the evenings in the summer. It mentions cocktail & music plus a grill menu including 1 drink for 25 euros a person.

I asked when this was going to start. However the restaurant staff were not sure. So watch out for a further announcement about this at some point.


Mario's Almerimar

After being closed for 5 days Mario's is now re-open. The photo above is from Mario's facebook page.

A while ago Mario's put up a new toldo at the front of their building. They also installed some artificial grass at the front.

It has now been shut for a few days with lots of banging and clattering going on inside. When I looked in the window it looks like they may now be painting inside as well.

I guess it will open again soon looking spick and span.

Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Matthew....

"We hope you had a nice time last night and enjoyed the quiz. Could you thank everybody on our behalf for coming to take part in CALLYS marathon quiz, congratulations to the winners 4 quarters and to Hair by Pauline for donating the first price.

We look forward to seeing everybody on Friday for the party with GROOVY PHIL.

from all at Leos, Cally, Jan, Nina and Matthew"

The sign outside Mercadona has been changed. It now says the re-opening date is now Thursday 12 June 2014. 5 days earlier than previously scheduled.

So it is now opening on the first day of the world cup.

Leo's, Almerimar


We have just received this from the staff at Leo's. Please note that local businesses can advertise events for free on this site. All you need do is send us an email.

Can you please thank Yvonne for being a great quiz maker and also thanks to everybody for making the quiz night yet again a great night.

Next weeks quiz night will be at the same time and will be great fun. Next Friday we would like to say our goodbyes to a great May with the Return of GROOVY PHIL from 19:00 hrs, the chippy will open at the same time and please come for tapas which will be served up until 18:00.

Many thanks to all for making us so welcome and joining in with all the fun.

Cally, Jan, Nina and Matthew

PS Please let everybody know that be showing all the World Cup matches on our big projector screen and to pop in and see us about the schedule.

We have just received this from Matt and the rest of the team at Leo's......

Sorry about the short notice, we would again like to thank all for attending last Friday with Tony Justice and also many thanks to Tony himself and congratulations to Andrine for winning our amazing Eurovision prize.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 14 May) we are having our first pub quiz from 20:00 and again another fantastic Friday (16 May) buffet and the legendary Dave will be performing from 5 ish, not to forget the chips shop will be available from 19:00.

Please do not forget to book our amazing Sunday lunch in advance.

Many thanks from Cally, Jan, Nina and Matt

Tropical Beach Almerimar

Tropical Beach Almerimar

Just spotted these two images on Facebook. Click on the top picture to see the full version.

It looks like something new is happening in front of the old beach club. Here is the Facebook page for Tropical Beach Almerimar.

Beep in Almerimar

I was looking at the Wiki Ejido site and saw an advert saying that a computer shop called Beep is to open soon in Almerimar.

I guess is their website so that should give people an idea of what might be available to purchase when the shop opens.

Panaderia 19th hole

A few days ago I noticed a sign saying that a new bread and cake shop was opening next week not far from the D'Bar. As you can see from the photo above it looks like it is getting close to being ready.

Here is the information from Matthew about Leo's next weekend....

"First of all we would like to thank everybody for making Friday a great night and a special thanks to groovy Phil who is off shortly and will be back with us at the end of May.

On the agenda this week we have arranged for Tony Justice to perform for everybody on Friday from 5 ish and yet again we are offering a free buffet and the chip shop will open its doors a 7pm.

Everyone is also welcome on Saturday night for our Eurovision night ,we have prizes up for grabs.

We really look forward to seeing everybody."

We have just received this message from Matthew at Leo's:

"We would just like you to know that after a great night last Friday we are again offering a free buffet and another performance from groovy Phil. Not to forget that the chip shop will yet again open at 19:00 hours.

I hope you can make it, from all at leos fish bar and grill."

Marios toldo

On Thursday I noticed that some men were working at the front of Mario's. This morning I saw what they had done and took a photo. I need not have bothered as this photo was already on Facebook on Mario's Facebook page.

Click on the picture above to see all of the toldo.

Matthew from Leo's has been in touch withe the following information....

"Just to let you know that next Friday groovey Phil will be performing from 17:00 to 21:00 and we are serving a free buffet and the chip shop will again serve food from 20:00."