We have received the following information from Vivien M....

"At last a true barber´s shop in Almerimar. Opened in February 2014
                   You will find it in Calle Galera
 ...between the Almerimar pharmacy and the Animal Charity Shop
                  (it is Vivien Morriss´s old shop)

Opening times:   9.30 - 1.30pm  and 5pm - 8.30pm Monday to Friday;  9.30 - 2.30pm  on Saturday

Por fin ha abierto en Almerimar una¨" Peluqueria de Caballero".
Se encuentra en la Calle Galera entre la Farmacia de Almerimar
y la tienda benefica de los animales y el Resturante Yachting Golf
           (es la antigüa tienda de Vivien Morriss)

Horario: 9.30 -1.30 y las 5 hasta las 8.30 de la tarde los lunes hasta viernes;  9.30 - 2.30 de la tarde los sabados."

Golf Almerimar restaurant sign

Over the last few weeks there has been work going on just inside the fence close to the golf course car park. There was a piece of waste ground that has been planted with some very pretty trees and plants. There was also a series of tall wooden stakes put up close to the fence. I wondered what they were going to be used for. Now we know.

There is still a large area of waste ground further up on the left of the 10th hole, close to Bungalows del Golf. This had been cleared as well but a few weeds are growing back into it now. I wonder what it is going to be used for.

This morning a little bird told me that Mercadona in Almerimar is going to close for around 6 weeks in May and June 2014. Apparently they have taken over the shop next door and are expanding into it. So they will be closed for around 6 weeks in May and June while the work is done.

Earlier today I called in and asked one of the ladies on the checkout and she confirmed that they will be shut in May and June 2014.

I guess we will have to do our Friday golf bottle shopping somewhere else during that period.

Just spotted on Facebook that Hans F has mentioned that the Dársena 1 cafe in the corner of Dársena 1 is to re-open in March 2014. According to Hans one of the guys who used to run El Segoviano is running it.

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site explains that the internet place next door to Alcor Properties and Algarbe has re-opened. It also mentions that it now going to be able to handle worldwide money transfers.

When walking around town this morning I spotted that Pizza Guzzi has re-opened following a winter break. While closed the place had a notice saying they were also doing some work on the place while it was closed. I didn't spot much difference apart from it looks like it has been painted. Maybe more has been done but my untrained eyes didn't spot anything.

ChillOut, Almerimar

Pat & Pete Gillam of CHILLOUT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT are pleased to announce that they have taken over the whole operation of ALMERIMAR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (not to be confused with Andalucia Property Management).

A.P.M. clients have been contacted and have accepted the change to CHILLOUT. These changes have been seamless and have not caused any inconvenience to the owners and we look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship for the future.

If you have a property in Almerimar and are looking for a management company to take the stress out of owning a property abroad, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We give Carol and Stuart our best wishes for their relocation to another part of Spain and wish them all the best in their retirement.

Menu del día at the Almerimar clubhouse

Not too long ago someone told me they had started to do a menu del día in the Almerimar clubhouse. I have just spotted the example menu from today on Facebook. See above.

James Barter has been in touch to say that his next UK to Almerimar courier run will be in the first week of February.

Feel free to get in touch and ask for contact details for James if you are interested in using his courier service.

I was at MacGowan's for an FGS prize giving last night. While there Jon mentioned that the new shop opposite Mercadona is to sell fruit and veg.

He also said that the internet cafe next to Alcor Properties is about to reopen again. Hopefully with a printer that works for those people that want to print their boarding passes.

New shop in Porto Fino - 2 January 2014

After a day recovering from a very good New Years Eve bash at D'Bar Jacqui and I ventured out today.

I had to go to Mercadona to get the bottles for the Friday competition tomorrow. While there I noticed that it looks like there is a new shop opening up next door to the driving school. Just over the road from Mercadona. As it was siesta time there was nobody working on the site so I couldn't ask what was being built.

It was really cold and windy with a little drizzle this afternoon. Not very nice weather at all. At least the forecast for tomorrow is a bit better.

Just checked and Mercadona is open 9.00 - 19:30 on Xmas Eve and New Years Eve. Closed Xmas day. So it should be open on Boxing Day (Thursday 26 December 2013) to allow us to buy bottles for Friday golf this week.


James has been in touch about his last UK - Almerimar courier trip of 2013.....

"My last trip down before Xmas is departing uk on 2/3 dec.  The return to the UK is a week later.

People can order and send to debs or do the click and collect at asda or tesco.

I have also brought down and will have a selection of Christmas goodies from chocolates to crackers - crackers are half price compared with uk shops over there.

I am also bringing fresh ham/gammon joints down.  I have a small fridge now fitted in the van."

CORRECTION: Changed information about Darsena 1 cafe. Thanks to Sylvia G for the correct information.

It is that time of year again.....

I noticed that the cafe in the corner of Darsena 1 is closed and the people running the place are moving to Café-Pub Bianco in the town hall square in El Ejido. (Thanks for the info Sylvia).

Plus Pizza Guzzi is closed until the end of January 2014 for vacation and renovations. Plus some people have told me that Las Uvas is closed from now until February or March next year as well.

James Barter has been in touch and his next courier trip from England is on Friday 1 November 2013.

He is bringing over some Xmas crackers and chocolates - by popular demand. You can buy them direct from James.

Also, if you have any specific Xmas purchases (e.g. Xmas puddings etc.) you can get in touch with James and he will give you a price for bringing across what you want.

Well done to the staff at Nautico for a great night at the Woodsly Cup prize giving dinner last night.

They only thing the couldn't do right was arrange the result of the golf competition. Well done to the ladies for taking back the trophy.