New Jamon Shop 31 July 18

New Jamon Shop 31 July 18

New Launderette 31 July 18

I had to call in to the Fincal summer office to sign some checks this morning. If you want to know it is in the estate agents the other side of the parking area from Banco Popular.

Afterwards I had a quick look around Darsenas 2 and 3. As you can see there is a new launderette on the road between the Darsenas (not far from the chemist). Also, on Darsena 2 the jamon shop that opened up a while ago looks pretty impressive.

New Cake Shop - 24 July 18

Ice Cream Shop - 24 July 18

Thanks to one of our readers, Alan Shep, for these photos of new businesses.

The top photos are of a new cake and bread shop opened in the road behind Almadraba. The second photo is of the new ice cream shop that has opened not far from Alcor Properties in "the square".

La Tienda De Paco - 24 July 18

A while ago I mentioned that the old town hall office in Almerimar had reopened as a shop. Jacqui was out and about in town this morning and took the photo above.

Optica Almerimar - 5 July 18

This morning I was getting a key cut at the ferreteria on the corner on the way in to "the square". When I was walking to the car I noticed that there appears to be an opticians shop opening soon. It is just a few doors down from the ferreteria.

Also, a new business has taken over what was the town hall office around the back of "the square". I was driving past and noticed a new sign in the window. However I did not spot the details. I will have to take a picture next time I am in town.


Mercadona Summer Hours 2018

I was in Mercadona earlier today. I spotted that they will be moving to their longer summer opening hours from next Monday (18 June 2018).

Summer Yoga On The Beach 2018

This poster just came up on my Facebook feed. Here is a google translation of the Spanish text that came with it....

"The months of July and August, every Monday from 07 a.m. to 08 a.m. we have an appointment by the sea, I'm waiting for you to enjoy a yoga class at the edge of the beach, in front of the Jaleo building, connecting with the beautiful sounds of nature and with our inner essence."

One for the early birds.Just about the only time I get up at that time in the morning is when I am playing in an official golf competition on Sunday mornings. 


New Ice Cream Shop - June2018

New Ice Cream Shop - June2018

I have been a bit busy so have only just got around to posting these photos I took late last week.

I have been told that the bar between Algarbe and La Plaza is soon to open as an ice cream shop.

PS - I think it looked like the fresh fish shop behind the passage way in the photo above is now open. I have not been in yet. However I noticed that the windows are no longer blocked up and the door was open when I walked past.

There are few restaurant changes taking place in advance of the summer season.

I understand that a jamon place in El Ejido is taking over Nautico in the near future.

Also, I have been told that La Zarzuela is taking over Fosil. Plus they are opening up Zarzuela 2 in the restaurant between Marisqueria Franc and Sabores on Darsena 1..


For a while now we have been wondering who was building the big offices underneath Porto Fino not far from Mercadona. We have the photo above thanks to one of our readers Paul C.

Apparently loads of guys with clipboards turned up in the fleet of cars sometime yesterday.

So it looks like Nostoc (a biotech company) may be opening up offices in Almerimar.

Thanks to Paul for the photo.

New Fish Shop - May18

Yesterday I happened to be walking around town. I spotted this painting for a shop next door to the Chingon Mexican restaurant (just behind "the square"). I am not sure but I think it has replaced a small costume jewelry shop.

This has either happened recently or alternatively I have been walking round town with my eyes shut for some time.

Further to the article here from January 2016. At that time the dentist was saying that he was hoping to move into new premises in the summer of that year.

Last night Jacqui received a message from the dentist saying that their surgery has now relocated into the new premises. Just a little bit later than originally planned.

Last time I was round by Cajamar bank there was work continuing on El Bucanero. It had been closed for some time. I had a chat with the people there and they said that it should be open before Easter all being well.

Also, it appears that La Gaviota is being renamed La Cala. They have put up a new sign covering the old picture of a seagull on the wall. Work is continuing inside the place. The last I heard is that they were still trying to get a new opening licence confirmed by the council. I guess they are also hoping to be open in time to pick up some trade in the busy Easter season.

Dentist - 23 Feb18

Dentist 23 Feb 18

As you can see working is continuing on the new dentist surgery just up the road from the chemist. The windows are in and it looks like most of the internal rooms are close to being ready. They have now started painting inside and outside the place.

I wonder when the dentist will eventually decide to move here from close to Mercadona. I seem to remember him saying perhaps by the summer.

I happened to be passing La Gaviota earlier today. I noticed that there were people inside refurbishing the place. So I guess it will be opening again in the not too distant future.

New butchers number2 - Dec 17

New butchers number1 - Dec 17

New butchers number1 - Dec 17

I could not resist using a little cockney rhyming slang in the title.

Not that long ago the butchers behind the square looked to have closed down. Leaving us with only one butchers shop in Almerimar (the one near the El Espigon car park).

It now looks like we will soon have 3 butchers in town. As you can see from the photos above.

The top photo shows that the butchers that closed down looks to be re-opening. In addition there is a new butchers that has opened over the road from the Gaviota restaurant (on the edge of the square).