UPDATED: Wednesday 3 June 2020 - 14:30 Water back on for us a couple of hours ago. With the pressure building slowly. Thanks goodness.

UPDATED: Wednesday 3 June 2020 - 08:30 I understand that most of Almerimar is OK now according to the council. However higher places in town still do not have water. As the pressure has not built back up again enough. So still problems all along Calle Alcor at the moment.


I understand that the water is cut off in the whole of Almerimar today - Tuesday 2 June 2020.

I also understand that the hope is that the issue will be resolved later today.

I have been really busy recently so have not had time to publish much on here. Today, for logistical reasons, I had to drop out of playing Friday golf. So I have found a little spare time to search for stories.

The article here on the Ideal site has some info about future archaeology stuff being orgainsed by the council. For when things return to normal around here.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Council Events Ticket Purchase Machine

Earlier this week I was in the tourist/town hall office renewing our empadronamiento. This getting your name on the census of people with property or who live locally. Apparently, you are supposed to renew this every 5 years. You should also renew it in between times iof you change your passport.

While there I spotted the machine in the photo above. It allows you to buy tickets for events organised by the council. It should be good for the concerts at the castle in the summer. Plus things taking place at the theatre in El Ejido.

Earlier today I received the following message from the producer of A Place In The Sun:

"We are looking for an expat who has a motorbike OR an expat who has a boat to come on TV and offer advice tips etc. Filming takes no more than an hour and will be somewhere in the proximity of Adra or thereabouts for A Place in the Sun,"

The filming would take place sometime next week I believe.

If you are interested please get in touch.

UPDATED - the pictures in the Gallery have been given names describing their location.

Earlier today Jacqui and I spent an hour and a half wandering around the centre of town seeing what changes we could spot.

There are 22 photos from the marina and the surrounding area here in the Gallery. They show businesses that are opening, closing and having sales. Have a look at the pictures and post a question on our Facebook page and ask if you want more details of what is going on.

If you are willing to drive a short way there are some interesting events coming up in Adra in the next couple of months.

See the article here on the Euro Weekly News site for details.

Be careful not to park on any yellow lines if you are parking in the marina,

A reader, Derek H, spotted the police handing out parking tickets yesterday. Probably in advance of the Kings parade.

Please note that other people have told me in the recent past that the police are clamping down of parking in the marina.

You have been warned.....

Wind Damage 22 Dec 19

Wind Damage 22 Dec 19

Thanks to a reader Gary S for these photos of some of the damage caused by the wind in the last couple of days.

These photos were taken not far from the beach hotel earlier today.

La Plaza

I was doing all sorts of stuff in the marina and elsewhere this morning. Including visits to 2 banks, a Chinese shop, the great dentist behind the Galley and the doctors.

As you can see, while down there I took a picture of the new frontage of La Plaza. It looks nice.

In addition, I was walking round Darsena 2. There were 3 different companies doing work on the frontage of shops on the east side of the Darsena. It looks like it is slowly changing from being a bit of a wasteland.

out and about 17 december 2019

out and about 17 december 2019

out and about 17 december 2019

You can see a few more photos in the Gallery.

Xmas street decorations 2019

Xmas street decorations 2019

Xmas street decorations 2019

Jacqui and I were walking down to an El Ejido Bowls Club prize giving dinner at Ralph's in the square last night. On the way down I took a few photos of the Xmas decorations.

I received this information from a reader, Sonia L, yesterday

"We own an apartment in Almerimar and I am here at present. Today, Sat 26 Oct at approx 2pm my pushbike was stolen from outside the Mercadona. It was locked with another bike to the cycle rack and the cable lock was chopped!! We spoke to the staff, there is no CCTV! Police matter they said!!"

So be warned there is some bike theft going on at the moment.


Sunset - 23 September 2019

sunset  - 23 September 2019

sunset 23 - September 2019

sunset - 23 September 2019

Last night we had a stunning sunset here. As you can see from the photos above. I took the first two. My friend Mary B took the two photos in the marina.

Thanks to two readers, Patricia and Paul W for prompting me to investigate this subject again.....

UPDATED - 19 September 2019 - see suggested description of the situation from a reader

Almost a year ago I linked to an article on the Almería 360 site about future improvements to the 409 and 411 motorway turn offs. In the article I mentioned that work was to commence in 2019.

I have now done a bit more research and re-read a separate article here on the Ideal site about the proposed work. I had read the Ideal story at the time but linked to the Almería 360 one. As it had an image of the proposed work. I picked up the 2019 date from the Ideal story.

It appears that perhaps only work on the 411 turn off was scheduled for 2019.

I remember a small piece of work being carried out there earlier this year. With part of the 411 turn off being shut off for a while.

So at the moment all I know is that the design contract for the work on the 409 junction was allocated to a company called Betancourt in October 2018. With the design contract being just under 100,000 euros (for the two junctions I think). The estimated total cost for the two pieces of work is just under 4 1/2 million euros.

So who knows when the work on the 409 junction will start.

Here is an update from a reader.....(19 September 2019) "I believe (but I am not 100% sure) that everything in the 2019 “presupuesto” (budget) was rejected. So then the government had to stand down and there had to be an election in April 2019. As no government has been formed since then there will be no presupuesto. Now there is going to be another election in November. A new presupuesto won’t be agreed until a new government is in place. Consequently, there is no approved budget for the road works."

Comment from me (19 September 2019): The Spanish have a system of devolved government. With budgets being set at various levels For example centrally by the main government (in Madrid). In the regions (ours is Andalucia). Then in the provinces (ours is Almería). Then in local town halls (ours is El Ejido). Finally in the Spanish version of a parish council (ours is Almerimar). So an example here is that the proposed senior school in Almerimar will paid for from the Andalucia budget. On land gifted to the project by El Ejido town hall. I think that in some cases money for a project can come from the budgets of more than one level of government. So my guess is that the reader is correct. That the lack of a central budget for Spain is probably having an impact on this road improvement project.

Read More for a Google translation of the article from October 2018 on the Ideal site.

The article here on the (new) town hall website has the latest information about the proposal for a senior school to be built in Almerimar.

I think that the possible setting up of this school is driving property development in Almerimar. Particularly the building of new houses.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


UPDATED 17:32 6/9/19 - added a link to where you can download the application form.

The recent article here about paying traffic fines online prompted a reader to ask about the digital signatures from the town hall (as you need one to be able to be able to pay traffic fines online).

Firstly I asked a contact associated with the Junta Local for Almerimar, Christine G, about digital signatures. Here was the response about who can get them and how to go about it:

"Anyone with an NIE number can get a digital signature, it doesn't matter if you are resident or non resident. You have to download the form to Solicitar Firma digital, you will then be issued with a code which you have to take to the town Hall in El Ejido with your passport and original NIE number and they will activate it for you. You have to do this either the same or next day after getting the code, otherwise the code will be invalidated. You can do this in the town hall between 8 and 13.00 . You need to get a ticket at the main desk to do this."

I have asked Christina for a link to where you can download the form. Rather than me search for it myself. In case I get it wrong. I will update this article once I have the link recommended by the council. Updated: here is the link.

Secondly, the reader provided a link to the article here in Spanish about digital signatures. My thanks to the reader who provided this link.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.