I saw this sad news on Facebook yesterday.

Alan, Sharon, Jacqui and myself have fond memories of Roy and his wife Joy. From the many times we have seen them and played golf with them in Almerimar.

Roy and Joy were founder members of the Friday Golf Society. It was always a pleasure to play golf with them. It was also a pleasure to see their smiling faces when they were waving to us from their garden behind the 2nd tee.

Roy will be sadly missed.

A Spanish friend recently told Jacqui that this coming Monday (28 June) is a local bank holiday. Looks like it is in honour of San Isidro.

Reading the article here on the Ideal El Ejido site it looks like some of the events will be available to view online rather than live. See the article here on the Ideal El Ejido site for details.

Read More for a Google translation.


 I took this photo this morning. If you click on it you can see more details. I think I published a photo of it some time ago. Today I took a closer look.

It is a specialist recycling place that is deployed in Almerimar each Tuesday and Wednesday (according to the writing on the side of the unit).

Earlier today I was in Darsena 1 taking a couple more photos for the then and now series on the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page.

While there I spotted changes at a couple of Italian restaurants in that part of town.

Firstly it looks likes Ralph's Puerto is expanding into the premises just behind it. What used to be Poniente Golf Discount a number of years ago.

Then after having walked down the little passageway I noticed that some redecoration work was underway in the Italian restaurant close to the hairdressers. I am not sure whether it will be continuing as an Italian restaurant or not.