Puntas Entinas

A company called The Island Diver has set up a novel sailing trip near Almerimar. You can sail close to the nature reserve and then have a dinner at a mini-campsite set up in the Puntas Entinas nature reserve.

There are no details on their website about this trip yet but I guess that will happen eventually.

In the meantime, there is an article here on the Ideal site.

Read More for a translation of the article (based on a Google translation).

A sailboat ride allows people to know the riches of Puntas Entinas

Among the innovative activities that have been launched this summer in the heart of Almerimar is a sailboat ride to the natural park of Punta Entinas-Sabinar. It is an initiative undertaken by the company The Island Diver in collaboration with the City of El Ejido.

On Tuesday the first presentation trip took place and the launch of the trips will happen within days. The Councillor for Tourism of the City of El Ejido, Luisa Barranco, said that "this is a pioneering initiative that aims to promote the natural resources of the municipality and become an attraction for lovers of the sea and nature."

For the implementation of this activity, "the council in El Ejido has handled all necessary approvals by both the Department of the Environment (as the reserve is a protected environment with over 200 species of birds) and by Capitanía Marítima, in terms of the requirements for navigation, "explained the head of Tourism for El Ejido.


The sailboat ride begins in Almerimar Marina and continues to the nature reserve Entinas-Sabinar, from where you can enjoy an extraordinary sunset. On land, awaits an Arabic tent where people can taste various teas and wines, plus an Arabic meal prepared for the occasion.

The activity lasts about four hours and a maximum of 11 people can take part. The company responsible plans to carry out trips "on a regular basis, depending on demand"  Marisa Romero of The Island Diver explained to Ideal. The company also offers the possibility to people interested in full-day outings and the option to include a visit about ten miles further south to see dolphins and go diving. As for prices, "we have not yet established them. Everything will depend on the type of activities people require. What is clear is that we want it to be a flexible service so the cost is not an impediment to enjoyment of this activity. Therefore, we offer different options »Marisa Romero noted.

This initiative was created to become a new tourist attraction for Almerimar, and it will develop throughout the year, "trips will be scheduled as long as weather conditions permit regardless of the time of year, provided there is demand " said Luisa Barranco. The mayor of Tourism has also clarified that this activity has been launched "without cost to the council of El Ejido, which is responsible for conducting the promotion of it, and to ensure compliance with all the requirements demanded."

People interested in this initiative can get more information at the Tourist Office in Almerimar and from the junta local for Almerimar or the Department of Tourism for Almerimar and El Ejido.