The organisation co-ordinating the work to aid the stricken dolphin that is recuperating in Almerimar is asking for financial support.

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Promar calls for collaboration to cover the cost of treatment of Dolphin Marcos

'Marcos' arrived at the beach in Roquetas de Mar with "difficulty swimming" and "with little strength and buoyancy"

The Association in Defence of Marine Fauna (Promar) has made an appeal for the cooperation of citizens to financially support the process started almost two weeks to heal and restore the dolphin 'Marcos', a young specimen of 1 Listing , 1 meter long fortnight ago was stranded on a beach in Roquetas de Mar.

As indicated by Promar, financed exclusively from membership fees and course he does, and that has only volunteer professionals, is "necessary" to continue with the analytical and veterinary treatment that is being applied, to which adds the logistics of food or fuel for the camp that has been enabled to assist around the beach area bounded to enable it to recover in the wild.

The association has been reported that, after moved to a point on the coast of Almerimar, El Ejido, for temporary resguardarle the east wind, 'Marcos' continues to improve his health, marked mainly by a failure renal led him to be stranded. X-rays have ruled out anomalies and started to swim alone while striving to regain the ability to catch fish.

Promar works through a veterinary technician team and a stranding network and features, working with protected species, with an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía and the ministerial authorization. So, has treated nearly a thousand whales, sea turtles and other species while also recovered and released into the sea some 170 sea turtles and 15 cetaceans.

The account with the financial institution is 3058-0123-64-2720005367 Cajamar and revenues outside Spain is BIC. - CCRIES2A IBAN: ES94 3056 0123 6427 2000 5367.

If successfully completed its recovery, the whale will be taken offshore for reintroduction into the wild once they have located a population Promar listings although still "early" to determine if this would allow them to return to the wild.

Parallel to veterinary treatment is being applied, 'Marcos' continues to strengthen his muscles through exercises and must learn to catch fish because, for now, is powered by volunteers. From day one you are massaging.

'Marcos' arrived at the beach in Roquetas de Mar with "difficulty swimming" and "with little strength and buoyancy. Had parasites attached to the dorsal and caudal fins but ate "easily" and had a number of normal breaths. The striped dolphin is a protected species of marine mammals that inhabit the Spanish coast.