My reading of the article here on the Portal Ejido site is that the council is hoping to get funds to create outdoor gyms for the elderly in the various towns in the area.

I guess this would include Almerimar if it happened. My money would be on something in the Brisamar area next to La Barbera (which apparently used to be the Miramar in a previous existence so someone said when we were discussing Memorias de Almerimar recently).

Read More for Google translation of the article.

The intention is to enable local this type of infrastructure in all villages to encourage the practice of healthy habits among neighbors
The City of El Ejido will tomorrow Local Government for approval a grant of 30,000 euros for the implementation of biosaludables parks in all villages of the municipality that will complement the cultural and sporting the biggest, a action that is framed in the program of activities that the City is taking place with the European Year of Active Ageing 2012.

With this initiative, the city government intends to "introduce a new system to help encourage the practice of healthy habits among the population" and has explained Councilmember City Council Social Services, Julia Ibanez. So much so that from the area of Public Works is already working on an installation project that will optimize the installation of each of the devices that make up these facilities and the adequacy of the relevant environment.

For the implementation of this infrastructure will select areas like parks that are frequented by people who play sports with the intention to include these facilities in their itinerary as they will have signs for exercises that explain the use of each of the devices installed.

The mayor said that "the devices will be aimed at the practice of moderate physical activities such as cycling, movement of hips, legs, lower back massage or moving arms, exercises all very beneficial to the health of our elders and allow them to stay in shape. "

Ibanez stressed that "this initiative, which is aimed at first for the elderly in the municipality, have a longer range and facilities it is also can be used by all citizens, thus multiplying the number of people who will benefit use, the benefits of moderate sport as a fundamental part of health and social relationships resulting from the development of collective exercise routines. "

Finally, the councilor wanted to stress the importance of implementing such proposals ever since a comprehensive model that includes cultural, sports and training. "