The article here on the Ideal site explains that it is to mark the European Year for Active Aging.

It also mentions that 10% of the population in El Ejido is over 60. My guess is that it is a higher percentage in Almerimar.

I think this is a great idea and I am looking forward to trying out the facilities if something is installed in Almerimar.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The Department of Social Services is committed biosaludables parks

Among the actions that the City of El Ejido is taking place to mark the European Year of Active Ageing 2012, the Department of Social Services will implement biosaludables parks in the town. This will complete the cultural and sports with which have the greatest ejidenses today. On Thursday the local board gave its approval for a grant of 30,000 euros, to finance infrastructure such practice focused on promoting healthy habits among the population.

From the area of Public Works is already working on a project to install each of the devices that make up these facilities and for land improvement. It also will make a selection of areas like parks that are frequented by people who practice some kind of sport, with the intention to include in your itinerary these facilities, which will be equipped with fitness signposts explaining the use of each of the appliances installed in these parks biosaludables. As explained by the Councillor for Social Services City of El Ejido, Julia Ibanez, "the devices will be aimed at the practice of moderate physical activities such as cycling, movement of hips, legs, lower back massage or movement of arms; exercises all very beneficial to the health of our elders to enable them to stay in shape. "

Ibanez has stressed the importance of launching such initiatives "ever since a comprehensive model complete cultural, sports and training."

Biosaludables parks consist of a series of devices designed for physical exercise mainly the elderly, but increasingly also used by other segments of the population. For the Councillor for Social Services, "this initiative which is aimed at first for the elderly in the municipality, have a longer range and facilities it is also can be used by all citizens, thus multiplying the number of people eligible for use of the benefits of moderate sport as a fundamental part of health and social relationships resulting from the development of collective exercise routines. "

Biosaludables parks began to settle in Spain in 2005 and in the municipality of El Ejido, where 10% of the population is over 60 years old, there are none so far. Such facilities help to delay the onset of aging effects in the elderly while allowing the elderly to enjoy their leisure time with health. They consist of a series of devices that work with physical aspects such as elasticity, strength or balance. They are located in public parks or urban areas which facilitates its use to all people who want it. They are designed for physical exercise in adults aged 40 years and especially recommended for people over 60, and that improve mobility, increase flexibility and tone your muscles throughout the body.

This initiative, which the Department of Social Services will conduct adds to the programs and services being developed in order to promote active aging among seniors ejidense.