El Ejido 30 year anniversary

The article here on the Ideal site describes how El Ejido celebrated its 30th anniversary of independence.

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El Ejido turns 30 honoring the protagonists of his birth

El Ejido completes three decades of solo career, but parallel to the neighboring town of dahlias. Yesterday he met thirty years of publication in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) of the Royal Decree that gathered Dalías segregation and El Ejido, completing a desire that was hatched more than three years ago, a time during which were moments of tension that are unnecessary and outdated.

The official ceremony to commemorate the Day of the Municipality yesterday was one of the most significant in living memory. Although the day was not as other festive occasions, the open courtyard filled with around eight in the evening of neighbors willing to attend a tribute to those men and women in the 70 and 80 formed the basis of El Ejido, until it became a town landmark in many ways.

The mayor, Francisco Góngora (PP), took the floor to deliver a much anticipated speech where he praised those "who have consolidated their input values that make this town great" and where he did balance the first year in office, without neglecting praise to the agricultural sector and its workers.

After the speech of Góngora, attendees had the opportunity to see a video with old photographs about events and outstanding achievements of the past three decades.


Subsequently, the first deputy mayor, Angel Escobar, proceeded to the delivery of eight metopes which were collected by the general chief Brileg 'King Alfonso XIII', Juan Jesus Leza Benito, as distinction to the Spanish Legion, the current mayor of Dalías, Jerome Robles Aguado, in recognition council representing, to former mayors ejidenses Luis Martin Maldonado (who is also the medal corporate), José Antonio García Baena Acién and Juan Callejón Baena; former president of the neighborhood association El Ejido, Moisés Gómez Martínez, and the first president of the Association of Housewives 'Virgen del Carmen', María Gómez Ortega Adoration.

The event continued with the presentation of the scrolls in which contained the name of public spaces in the town ejidenses those who played a key role in the early years after segregation. So, full of 21 July this year approved the new street names calle Manuel Garzón Martín, calle Alcalde Luis Martín Maldonado, calle Alcalde Juan Callejón Baena, glorieta Alcalde Manuel Martín Fornieles, glorieta Salvador Callejón Giménez and glorieta José Luque Palmero.


The sports council, José Andrés Cano Peinado, finally took the floor to make a plea for the sport in a brief speech in which he highlighted the important anniversary of the sports awards that meet ejidense twenty years in which Their goal has always been to "harmonize and disseminate to the population the advantages and benefits of sport, and to bring the world of sports other social and cultural events."

Cano Peinado said that in recent years there have been many "historical encounters" that have led to the municipality to international sports figures as "Gasol, Navarro, Antonio Puerta and Iniesta." For the future, the challenge remains "to respond to the demands of the ejidenses sports." After the awards in eight categories and the cup Mayor was the traditional family photo which closed with the official ceremony in which El Ejido chest would get their recent history, but above all, its protagonists.