Marcos the dolphin

Marcos the dolphin

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Marcos takes almost a month 'vacationing' in the west coast of Almeria. It's a very particular tourist during this weekend comes replete with all who choose to go to the beach Almerimar Poniente, El Ejido, near the control tower of Marina. Mark is actually a dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba)? A juvenile of 1.1 meters long and barely a year old that was stranded for 27 days in Roquetas de Mar coast due to kidney failure and moved ejidense the coast late August.

During this weekend, the Association in Defence of Marine Fauna (Promar) has launched a unique open classroom through which attempt to bring its audience the defining characteristics of this dolphin species and the habitat in which it develops with other animals, besides influencing the need for human care sea.

These talks, completely free and supported in several models, will develop all weekends at midnight and five in the afternoon. The venue chosen is the sand next to the sea in the corner that is 'Mark' and where it satisfied the public yesterday a heterogeneous group of swimmers who took advantage of the excellent temperature to go to the beach. Some saw Mark for the first time, others confessed that they had visited several times in recent weeks.


open classroom Marcos 320x213Mantener safely during these 27 days has not been easy. The Promar stranding coordinator, Francisco Toledano, estimated yesterday, told IDEAL, who have been involved up to 200 volunteers in dolphin care. "It is not just to meet the animal in the water but also on land and other issues on the Internet to publicize or create fundraisers, issue that receive aid even from Italy," he said.

The economic factor also determines the actions of Promar. So to continue this work, the association plans to hold a meal of coexistence on Sunday September 23 at the restaurant 'Mare Nostrum' of Almerimar. With the proceeds intended to cover expenses such as different analytical type to which they must submit to Marcos, bounded networks, food for volunteers and the dolphin, fuel, mattresses, a transmitter to monitor this after his release, hydrophone to listen to your sound or a larger pool if temporary and have to rise to lift momentarily frames the sea.

Similarly, Francisco Toledano advanced they are negotiating with the city of El Ejido holding a concert (within two or three weeks) that act with different singers and also raise funds for the Association in Defence of the Fauna Marina.


When Marcos? (Which is named in honor of one of the people who found him) beached in Roquetas, was "very weak, dehydrated, malnourished and could not keep swimming well." The analytical detected renal insufficiency. Today, according to Toledano, "Marcos is pretty good, sometimes energetic, but we can not forget the conditions under which it is, since the space is not as wide as you are used to a dolphin and that these characteristics it shows in their mood, "he added.

The enclosure in which is now Marcos (about 20 meters in diameter) has been extended once and Promar studies incorporate more networks to make this area even wider. "It is farmed and networks are not easy to find, we have to prepare the" Francisco said Toledano.

Marcos is winning the affection of volunteers and their recurring Promar 'public' based on jumps and spins rehearsing in their moments of greatest happiness and surprise even the professionals who care for you. Toledano had never attended recognizes stranding for so many days and the closest thing was another male striped dolphin, but adult, which appeared in Roquetas de Mar for six years and died nine days. With Mark, Promar volunteers is more hopeful. Francisco Toledano said that "he has a pretty good future in terms of samples and is giving us what we need most is to increase its strength and, above all, do not rely on fish to give him but the only capture ». A Marcos is presented with several handicaps. On the one hand, has lost his mother in full training and, second, Hunting in packs is easier than doing it alone. Thus arises Promar not yet set a date of release.

The association

Promar works through a veterinary technician team and a stranding network and features, working with protected species, with an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía and the ministerial authorization. So, has treated nearly a thousand whales, sea turtles and other species while also recovered and released into the sea some 170 sea turtles and 15 cetaceans

According Francisco Toledano, in so far this year have already seen fifty strandings of which correspond to a dozen sea turtles and other cetaceans. "Always the most common are striped dolphins beaching and follow the common dolphin, which are also the major species in this area," he said. Promar has about 20 partners and more than hundred employees.