Town hall office move to Porto Fino

The town hall office in Almerimar is moving on Tuesday 3 November 2015. You can see further details in the document that you can download here.

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The transfer of the Municipal Office Almerimar Calle La Goleta will be a qualitative leap in the service provided

The new offices, located next to the Club of the Third Age, offer more space, a more central location and more modern facilities

These municipal offices, the transfer will take place today and tomorrow, will open its doors to the public next Tuesday, November 3
The municipal spokesperson explained that "our intention is to go adapting and equipping the core infrastructure that will result in better quality services to citizens"

The Municipal Office of Almerimar changes location. It will move from its current address at Jabeque, to Calle La Goleta, No. 6, next to the Senior Center this nucleus. A new site will represent a quantum leap in the service it now lent to the citizen.

These, much more spacious and modern facilities allow residents access to a much more comfortable to the services it provides so public building. . And, as he explained the government team spokesman, Jose Francisco Rivera, "This is a facility that have more rooms, very modern and that are located in a more visible and central street that passes a large number of people, looking next to the biggest club and behind the Dock number 1 ".

The new units, which change will take place between today and tomorrow, Friday, will open its doors to the public next Tuesday, November 3, paying better attention to the citizen in facilitating certain administrative procedures with the Town Hall and offering neighbors public information on those aspects concerning Almerimar; a core which, already having more than 7,000 inhabitants and to be representing the tourist enclave of the town, requires the best public infrastructure.

Rivera recalled the important role these municipal offices and the local boards "as vehicles for transmission between citizens of different towns and the City, as they come to help promote citizen participation in management municipal affairs, to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of municipal assets and to promote the relationship between local government and neighborhood associations and other citizens' organizations rooted in their territorial scope. "

The city spokesman stressed "the important role played by seven local board that exist in the city, as they represent a form of direct contact between the administration and citizens, thus constituting a very important role to encourage participation tool neighborhood, local administration closer to the citizen and facilitate the provision of certain services. "" Besides its members work tirelessly to generate a host of cultural, sports and social activities, which involves hard work and sacrifice, "he noted.

Finally, the city spokesman concluded by saying that "we intend to continue adapting and equipping the core infrastructure that will result in better quality services to citizens."