The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of high occupancy in hotels over the Easter 2016 period.

It feels like it is a little quieter now. Time for a a bit of a quiet period before things start building up again for July & August.

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El Ejido dismisses Easter registering the highest level of employment in recent years

El Ejido dismisses Easter registering the highest level of employment in recent years with 95% of overnight stays on the coast and 55% inside
The tourist apartments completed 100% of its squares and in the case of camping, the number of bookings for this period stood at 70%, 40% more than in 2015
The excellent temperature, combined with the wide complementary offering and the planned cultural, religious and sports activities for these days have made tourists and visitors have enjoyed exceptional days
The mayor of Tourism has qualified all these data as "very positive" because they show that tourism "is on the rise" and that the municipality begins to establish itself as a destination outside the summer season
The municipality of El Ejido has dismissed Easter registering the highest occupancy rate in hotels and tourist accommodation in recent years on these same dates. So much so that, according to the data that has the Consistory, there has been a notable increase in the number of tourists and visitors who have chosen during these dates the city to spend a few days off and enjoy all the advantages and possibilities cultural, dining and entertainment offered by the city, which has also very positive effect on the other sectors linked to tourism as has been the case of restoration.
In this way and as pointed out by the Councillor of Tourism of El Ejido, Luisa Barranco, "the coastal resorts of Almerimar have come these days to 95% in the number of overnight stays" while "tourist apartments have registered one hundred percent and the hotels of the city have managed to double their estimates. "in the case of camping, the number of bookings for this period has grown by 40% over last year, reaching thus 70% of their occupation. so much so that there have been "so significant data as a load factor of 55% in hotels last year registered a only 15%." This allows us to speak of "an average of pretty high city what originally I planned for these dates. "
Barranco expressed his "satisfaction with these figures," because, as is well explained, "it is very good evidence that tourism is on the rise and El Ejido has established itself as a destination reference during these special days of the year . A high influx that, according to the mayor, has resulted, "very positively in all productive sectors of our town, especially in the restoration" has affected the municipal charge.
This has led to Barranco to make a "very positive" balance and show very optimistic, especially as regards the jump that has experienced the statistics during this Easter. One issue that has been attributed to "good time with almost summery temperatures that have allowed visitors to enjoy our beaches," as well as "the extensive programming that proposed cultural, sports and leisure that has offered El Ejido for these days of week santa ", the most important being the Championship of Spain Windsurfing 'Culoperro' that has been done in Almerimar, and the various religious processions organized by the fraternities and sororities as part of our culture and our identity or the Cervantino Market by who they have spent thousands of visitors have enjoyed the wide range of craft items for sale and the additional thematic activities and have been a tourist attraction.
All these data give undoubtedly a good account of the important steps being taken by tourism in our town and show that the city begins to gain momentum from a tourism point of view, thus fulfilling marked municipal objectives, five years ago make tourism an economic pillar more in the municipality. To do this, the local government continues its efforts to various actions to position El Ejido among the preferred holiday destinations calendar. An effort not only local government, but also a joint and coordinated work with the entire sector and that is beginning to yield results.