The article here on the town hall website has some information about what is happening with the mossies.

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The Consistory complements the actions of treatments to control flies and mosquitoes with an awareness campaign among neighboring communities

These are framed within the plan of action that the Department of Agriculture and Environment has awarded to the concessionaire of this service

Since March are underway prospecting techniques larval and adult diagnosis of the situation and application of methods of struggle with full guarantee for the environment

Councilman, Manuel Gomez, said "all these tasks are compatible and effective measures to prevent the presence of insects and discomfort they cause to the neighbors"

The mayor insists the Andalusian to "undertake a comprehensive and responsible for monitoring the protected land is in the natural setting of Punta Entina, this being the main focus of proliferation of insects"

In order to prevent the proliferation of flies and mosquitoes during the months of summer, the Department of Environment of the City of El Ejido has decided to promote a campaign complementary treatments awareness that, for some months, carried out the Consistory on insect control.

This is for informational purposes and is intended mainly to neighboring communities with large green areas and swimming pools, as well as homeowners or villa with private gardens, as these spaces are foci or points traditionally capable of reproducing larvae this type of insects and therefore not carry out specific steps that could lead to a further spread of mosquitoes and flies during the summer months.

The campaign consists mainly in spreading the preventive measures to be taken in the months leading up to summer in those general areas that may be a possible source of infection, due to continued flooding or accumulation of stagnant water, as they often be these perfect conditions given where larval development of this type of insect.

Councillor for Agriculture and Environment, Manuel Gómez Galera, explained that "this is a fundamental preventive actions, since there is no point that the Consistory boost an Action Plan and work of specific treatments for the control of flies and mosquitoes those areas of special emphasis and greater concentration of wetlands, such as Almerimar and St. Augustine, then if they are not complemented by a well-maintained gardens or pools to avoid stagnant water. "

Hence, "we saw it necessary to ask, also, the involvement of residents, owners of green areas and neighborhoods, because with them we guarantee the effectiveness of the preventive work that the concessionaire is taking place since last March in the municipality consistent in applying integrated pest management techniques. "

The aim of these is none other than "reduce the insect population at levels that do not cause feeling of discomfort or for residents and for visitors," says Gómez Galera who ensures that the Consistory this is "a vital issue, especially for this months ahead, as they tend to be more conducive to the El Ejido enjoy the sun, the beach and outdoor activities. "

For several months, work control and treatment focus on hedges, trees and shrubs of public roads around the lake, in drainage ditches, areas steely, roundabouts, parks, gardens and temporary ponds Almermar I and II, Ejido Beach, the area of ​​the old campsite and environments Almerimar golf course, as well as the core of St. Augustine.

As usual techniques have been promoted prospecting larval and adult diagnosis of the situation and after that the subsequent application of control methods with full guarantee for the environment. It is, according to the council, of "methods that have proven their validity and those who have achieved high levels of effectiveness in terms of the presence of insects is concerned."

However, as in previous years, one of the main areas of infection, detected in the diagnosis, is located in the Natural Park of Punta Entinas, whose competence is the Andalusian. Hence the council is already asking the regional government to "take appropriate action to avoid both larvae and insect breeding"

In this sense, Gómez Galera, has again insisted once again that it is necessary for "a comprehensive and responsible follow-up on these protected lands is made having in the natural setting of Punta Entina Sabinar".