Marcos the dolphin in Almerimar

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The Association in Defence of Marine Fauna (Promar) intends to move to 'Mark', the striped dolphin stranded appeared in Roquetas de Mar and 36 days ago, to the coast of Granada. According to research carried out by this association, together with the sailboat 'Goddess Maat' Ecologists in Action, the place most likely to recovery and reintegration into a herd is just off the coast of El Pozuelo.

Veterinary technician team officials serving 'Mark' for more than a month gave a press conference yesterday to explain the process and have continued to think further develop this young male dolphin a pioneer in the world recovery.

reintroduction 320x213La dolphin dolphin frames, they explained, currently presents several problems. The first is that 'Mark' has not yet learned to hunt and to feed themselves, the fact is that current conditions are not encouraging such learning. "You are now in an area five feet deep and only, when in fact these dolphins usually hunt in packs and depths of one or two hundred meters," stated Eva Morón.

Thus, the possibility of joining a group of Almerimar on the coast, where he is recovering from off the port in early September, is "unworkable." In that area, the closest herds are about 15 miles, while in the deck as possible to return is only about four miles from shore. Thus, Eva Moron stressed that the coastal Granada their chances of joining a pod of common dolphins and listings will be higher because it is also a remote area of bottlenose dolphins, quintessential enemies of the species 'Marcos' .

Promar expected to enable a semi-wild area on the coast of El Pozuelo to 'Mark' can come and go until you join a group of dolphins. "It will put a transmitter and also be there controlling a team of divers at all times what the dolphin" he added Eva Morón.

Regarding clinical status, Emilio Gil, Promar team veterinarian, said yesterday that the first medical tests determined that 'Marcos' suffered a torn muscle fibers which is now outdated. "Currently working on re-exercise it to favor such return, which is a much more complex phase pure clinical recovery," said the vet.

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From Promar technical team stressed that the recovery they have achieved with 'Frames' is a pioneer. "Everything is being documented, is being recorded and are studying all possibilities and alternatives whether a herd rejoins as if there is no" clarified. Among other issues, for example, has ruled out joint return with a female dolphin found off the coast of Portugal, to the possible transmission of diseases that may arise between areas with different characteristics such as the Mediterranean or the Atlantic.

In any case, from Promar, emphasized that there is no record in the world of a recovery similar to 'Mark' and therefore are considering presenting all this work within a research project that also to get some funds we currently are scarce.