‘El Balcón de Europa’

The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of the winners of the San Marcos 2016 parade.

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The float 'El Balcon de Europa' (No. 1) is proclaimed winner of Chariots of San Marcos 2016

The second and third prizes were awarded on so-called 'Between Talent 2016' and 'La Romera XXIX', lie the first second prize was for 'San Bebercio XXXI'

The jury of Floats Procession Pilgrimage of San Marcos 2016 has announced, after extensive deliberation, the decision and the winners of this year. The first prize of an economic quantification of 1,000 euros, went on the float that was registered under the name of 'El Balcon de Europa' and carried the No. 1. Her, the jury has prevailed tradition and originality in design showing a typical house of La Alpujarra in which prevailed the great Andalusian character through its white facades full of flowers.

The second prize, measured at 700 euros, is for the carriage registered under the name 'Among the many 2016' which, like the first, also reflects the culture and oldest history of El Ejido. In this case, around agriculture related grape farm work and farmhouses typical of that era.

Meanwhile, the third of the awards went to 'La Romera XXIX' whose presence in San Marcos is traditional because, as its name suggests, this rock has spent nearly three decades parading and participating in the pilgrimage procession and in this contest. This time, they opted for the use of one of the symbols of the holidays as the tractor to pull the float, which has been decorated with paper lanterns.

This year, in addition to the increase of the awards, has special attention, too, the second prize, the first of them to another common rocks in the procession pilgrimage 'San Bebercio XXXI' and second of this type for a vindictive cause defense of the agricultural sector with the carriage registered under the name 'Potherbs the besought our price. "



    1st. € 1,000 prize. Float # 1 "Balcony of Europe"
2nd prize € 700. Float # 37 "among many 2016"
3rd. 500 € prize. Float # 41 "THE ROMERA XXIX"

Second prize

    1st. second prize of 300 €. Float No. 20 "Bebercio SAN XXXI"
2nd second prize of 300 €. Float # 35 "POTHERBS ASK THE PRICE"
3rd. second prize of 300 €. Float No. 27 "ART THAT"
4th second prize of 300 €. Float No. 7 "CORTIJO LA ESPERILLA"

Accésits Development / Participation 200 €

- Float No. 25 "the little door 5.0"

- Float # 33 "SAN MARCOS"

- Float No. 16 "ANOTHER YEAR"


- Float # 8 "THE 90'S"


- Float # 39 "THE CANDLE"

- Float No. 5 "MINICAR"

- Float No. 26 "THE molehill"

- Float # 23 "MSC"