On 1st June 2012 Almerimar got is own Junta Local (like a parish council). Here is the article from the town hall website with the details.

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The mayor said yesterday during his act of incorporation that "it is a tool that will encourage neighborhood participation and facilitate the provision of services".

It was an election promise and People's Party has finally been fulfilled, Almerimar already has a local board that aims to bring the Consistory to neighboring coastal village.

The act of incorporation of the same, which took place yesterday afternoon at the headquarters of the Municipal Office of Almerimar, was chaired by the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Gongora, who stressed that "this has to be an important tool to When promoting neighborhood participation, local administration closer to citizens and facilitating the provision of certain services. "

Similarly, the ruler ejidense emphasized that "Almeria is a settlement that already has about 7,000 inhabitants and therefore it was essential to give it a municipal body as this will also play a vital role in a core represents an excellent tourist spot. "

The new Local Board has nine members distributed according to the recent election results, ie, 6 members of the Popular Party, a Socialist Party, a Party of Almeria and 1 of the United Left, and similarly, a representative of Union Progreso and Democracy, which will have voice but no vote. Innocent Face Gabriel Manzano will be president of this new municipal body for the next three years.

Apple, meanwhile, said yesterday afternoon that "his intention is that the local board of Almerimar is open to all" and noted "his willingness to listen to all the neighbors and work together for the good of Almerimar."

Here we detail the names of the members of the local board of Almerimar:

-Innocent Face Gabriel Manzano (PP)

Remedies Alley-Aranda (PP)

-Jose Collado Gastalver (PP)

-José Francisco Ortega Fernández (PP)

-Jose Luis Ruiz Aguilera (PP)

Francisca Sanchez-Viedma (PP)

-Antonio Martinez Novoa (PSOE)

Mary Louise Alley-Enciso (PAL)

-Jesus Fatuarte Labella (UI)

Elisa Luque Isabel Balaguer (UPyD), which will have voice but no vote.