Almerimar Hotel - 14 July 2012

I was out and about in Almerimar earlier today so I took a few photos on my phone.

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Pizza Guzzi 

First stop was the new part of Pizza Guzzi. They have taken over Hacker Bar to extend their premises. Next I noticed a srage outside the existing Pizza Guzzi near Epoca bar.

Stage near Pizza Guzzi

I think there must have been something going on there as part of the Virgen del Carmen celebrations.

 Next I took a few photos of the front of the golf hotel that is being refurbished.

Almerimar Hotel - 14 July 2012

Almerimar Hotel - 14 July 2012

Then I went to the car park near the doctors and El Espigon. There is a marquee on the square near Tiburon plus a small fair with some dodgems and other small rides plus some food stands.

Dodgems near El Espigon

Tiburon square

It seems to me that the new Junta Local for Almerimar is doing a good job of getting events organised based on what I have seen around the town today.