Enjoy the Spanish equivalent of April Fools' Day. I am only 2 days late in spotting the article referenced below.

According to the article here on the Wiki Ejido site Almerimar has declared independence from El Ejido.

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 Almerimar will be an independent municipality in 2018

Almerimar will be this next 2018 a new independent municipality after the approval by the majority of the local Board to initiate the procedures for the unilateral declaration of independence of El Ejido.

After an assembly in which the majority of the members opted for independence, a "road map" was approved by the Local Board, which includes a referendum in which the registered residents will be asked to express their desire to remain exiled. or follow the steps of Balanegra and achieve the desired independence.

In statements to The Financial Times the president of the Local Board Inocencio Gabriel Manzano has declared that, although it has not been easy to break with the guidelines that his previous party sent him, he starts this new stage under the acronym and as an affiliate to the CUP with illusion and hope. Inocencio said that after having visited Carles Puigdemont in Brussels and Junqueras in Estremera, he was able to prove that the Catalan way is feasible to achieve the independence of El Ejido, and that the ejienes should not oppose since they did the same thing years ago when they separated. of Dalías.

Among the most striking proposals that have been made to get neighbors support indepence include replacing the festivities of the Virgen del Carmen for the Day of the Innocents on December 28 in honor of Inogabi, recover the Beach Club and demolish Spirit Almerimar to build hotel towers. They have also qualified that the barriers will be put back on the entrance slope to Almerimar and will charge a tourist tax to the visitors and to the affirmations that neighbors of High Entinas wanted to continue to be exiles and oppose Independence invites you to follow the steps of Tabarnia and be a redoubt within the new Almerimar.

For its part, the mayor of El Ejido has stated that although he is willing to dialogue, he will never accept the independence of Almerimar and that if he continues unilaterally, he will apply article 155 of the Local Boards regulations without any contemplation, disabling the current local board. and calling new elections.

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