Out and About 28 Nov 18 - La Barbera

Earlier today I was in the Levante (east) part of town. Taking some now photos for the then and now pictures on the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page. I walked along the promenade and then up to the D´Bar area.

I heard recently that La Barbera had closed. As I was walking past, there were some guys repainting the La Barbera building. I ask them if it was re-opening soon. They said that at the moment they were just tidying it up. Once that had been done they would be looking for some new tenants.

Out and About 28 Nov 18 - D´Bar

Next stop was the D'Bar area of town. As you can see preparations are underway for the re-opening of D'Bar later this week.

Out and About 28 Nov 18 - Behind D'Bar

Finally, Just behind D'Bar work continues on the new build properties there.