Luisa Barranco

So says Luisa Barranco (who is in charge of tourism for El Ejido) according to the article here on the Ideal site.

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To leave no room for boredom and make the most of the summer, the City of El Ejido has prepared an intensive program in which different activities are merged councils, local boards, the Municipal Sports Institute (IMD), clubs sports festival committees, traders, service sector and private companies, as indicated by the Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco.

A consolidated activities and previous summers, add other promoted by the departments of Tourism, Trade and Human Services to participate this year for the first time in the summer program. It also emphasizes the significant involvement of private sector groups in the municipality. "Important changes are occurring in our environment due mainly to the deep crisis we are experiencing. So we ask the City Council had to work and transmit enthusiasm and effort so that together we could have a summer full of activities where both residents and tourists could enjoy and take a good impression of our community and invite you to back to back "the mayor said yesterday of Tourism, Luisa Barranco.

The summer program began on July 1 and during the last weekend, have developed some of the most intense days of programming to mark the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen, which was held in the coastal communities of Almerimar Balerma. During these days there have been many activities in both locations with a significant number of people. "We have to congratulate everyone because people have taken to the streets and that was the goal. This has been shown this weekend as both Balerma Almerimar, "noted Barranco.


In the summer program yesterday had the Councillor for Tourism, nautical activities and some new initiatives that will be developed first. Among them, the landing at the unspoilt beaches such as Punta municipality Entinas where you are installing a tent to enjoy the sunsets, and also made boating. "These activities are geared for residents, tourists and especially for tourist attraction" the Councillor for Tourism puntualizaba who explained that these initiatives "are sought by the Council although organized by private companies but much of the Consistory for collaboration can be developed '.

The nature and sports also have an important role in the summer program. There will be night trails through the beautiful country of the municipality, football, beach volleyball, chess, canoeing and popular race of 9,000 meters in Almerimar. New this year will be held the fly-Fondón Cicloturista Almerimar 'organized by the IMD to be held on August 19 and no shortage of physical activities for seniors.

Other highlights of which are going to enjoy this summer on the coast of El Ejido is the 'sleepless Night' on 27 July and the next day there will be a day of coexistence night for parents and children aged between 4 and 14 in Almerimar. There will also be educational exhibition on the prairies of Posidonia which you can admire from the July 25 Square in Havana. The trade will also be present in the coastal town of Almerimar with Mercasol to be held on 21 and 22 July, the medieval market from 3 to 5 August and Portobello market, as well as music concerts every Thursday. Both Almerimar as there Balerma summer cinema during the months of July and August and gastronomic event with the route of the cover at both sites.


Almerimar Balerma Guardias Viejas and the greatest number of activities during the summer. Especially Almerimar, "as the nucleus tourist municipality" Ravine indicated.

In Balerma activities are organized mainly by the local board. On 27, 28 and 29 July and will be medieval market in August, the first three weekends will mercdos of balances in the Plaza de la Torre. That month will also take place the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Mercy with plenty of activities, from day 8 to 15.

In addition to the Guardias Viejas Series of Concerts at the Castle will be parades and animation on Saturday July 21, coinciding with their parties, as well as fishing contest and tebeoteca on the beach. At the heart of St. Augustine, the IMD will be held on August 26 Feast of the Sea aimed at all audiences.