Balerma Virgen del Carmen

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The coastal communities of Balerma ejidenses and lived in Almerimar yesterday one of the most important days in your holiday calendar. Like the rest of the coast towns of the country, paid tribute to the patron saint of sailors, the Virgen del Carmen. The strong east winds that hit all day, settled down to leave center stage to the 'queen of the seas' and not hinder their procession.

Almerimar Balerma and dressed in gala to honor the Virgen del Carmen. While entertainment events are held throughout the weekend, was yesterday when he lived the big day with Mass and procession in honor of the Virgin, which brought together many people and which also involved members of the Municipal Corporation and representatives of the Corps and Law Enforcement. In both locations the religious at the same time began at 20:00 with Holy Mass and the procession continued and shipping, except in the case of Balerma where the Virgin of Carmen was grounded and could not walk on the bay.


The fishing tradition ejidense this core makes it a very special live the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen, which has been held for many years. Again, the Church of the town remained small due to the large audience that made a date to attend the mass. Once completed, the image of the Virgin left on the shoulders of the members of the Club Nautico de Balerma. Dressed in white polo shirt, jeans, blue sneakers and blue knot around his neck, were in charge of the Virgin procesionar through the main streets of the town.

On leaving the chapel, a large crowd of people expected to accompany the patron saint of sailors this year has not been Balerma board, as the procession reached the beach at night. When you reach the Promenade along the Guildhall, where every year is shipped pilgrims' choir sang the patron saint of sailors stared balermera the bay in which this year could not walk. The Virgin was accompanied during his tour of hundreds of people, some with candles in hand and descalzadas to fulfill a promise. During the course, no shortage of 'Viva la Virgen del Carmen' and the 'Pretty'. Also sang on several occasions the 'Salve Marinera ".


Although less traditional, the core of Almerimar also lives in a very intense the Feast of the Virgen del Carmen. Previously to the religious ceremonies, there were parades by the docks, television puppet animation and exhibition Gymnastics Club. After Mass marked the start of this year has officiated at the Church of Almerimar and not next to the Torre del Puerto. Many people had to wait in the street because the temple was small. Then the Virgin procesionó by the docks on the shoulders of the workers that he embarked in the eyes of hundreds of people.