The article here on the Ideal site has information about the senior school in Almerimar. Article from around the middle of August.

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Education awards the construction of the new institute in Almerimar

The center will have 5,000 square meters with capacity for 620 students, but it also reserves space for future extensions

The educational community of Almerimar has to be celebrating. And it is that little by little, it is getting closer to having the much demanded Institute of Secondary Education (IES) in Almerimar. A center that will also cover the Matagorda and Old Guard areas.

The Ministry of Education and Sports announced yesterday the award of the construction project for this center that will have four lines of Compulsory Secondary Education and two of Baccalaureate and a total of 620 educational places.

A project that as a whole will involve an investment of more than 6.5 million euros and that will include a total of 16 multipurpose classrooms for Secondary, two for music, dramatization and audiovisuals, as well as a plastic education classroom, a workshop, and classrooms. for unfolding, educational support and pedagogical reinforcement.

The Baccalaureate area, for its part, will have four classrooms with capacity for 140 students, a drawing room, as well as spaces for unfolding and pedagogical reinforcement, three laboratories that it will share with ESO and a technology classroom.

The project for the new center also includes a special education classroom, library, gym, two sports courts, games area, orchard, porch and garden area, among others.

The new institute will be equipped with photovoltaic solar panels for the production of electrical energy and will incorporate a new natural ventilation system.

The future institute will be built on a plot of 13,200 square meters, which is located at the confluence of Avenida de la Sal and Calle Mar Azul, and whose change of ownership through a mutation to the Board was approved by the Plenary of the City Council of El Ejido on last May 2020.

Historical demand

However, the request of an institute for this urban nucleus that every year grows in population has been on the table of the Ministry of Education for a long time, since as on some occasion the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, commented since He has held this position for ten years, it is a subject that was present in all the meetings with the different Education delegates that have been in the province.

And it is that at the moment the young people who live in Almerimar, as happens with those of Matagorda and Los Baños, have to travel to the different secondary schools that are located in the nucleus of El Ejido through public transport, as well as to study Baccalaureate.