The article here on the Ideal site says that work has commenced on the Infants/Junior school in Almerimar. The article is from 30 October 2021.

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At last the works of the new CEIP Almerimar start after years of demands

The project will be operational at the end of 2023 and while the works last there will be students receiving classes in prefabricated classrooms

When the new CEIP of Almerimar is built and in operation, practically a decade will have passed since its construction began to be requested by the educational community and the ElEjido City Council.

But finally, the works have started. They did it just a few days ago and the forecast is that the center will be operational by the end of 2023.

The territorial delegate of the Ministry of Education and Sports, Antonio Jiménez, accompanied by the head of the Planning Service of the Delegation, María Isabel Fernández, visited the field last Friday.

The company, together with the technical team of the Andalusian Public Agency for Education (APAE), pointed to mid-February 2023 as the completion date of the center, although they indicated that it will be at the moment when the structure is raised when it will be possible give a more exact date.

Although construction is starting now, there are already students who are receiving classes in prefabricated classrooms located on this site, as will continue to happen until the new building comes into operation.

That is why throughout the process the security measures will have to be extreme. For this, the technicians explained that a two-meter fenced and gravel corridor has been created that surrounds the entire perimeter where the students are receiving their classes.

In addition, and as detailed in the plan, there is a main door that forks into two paths to separate the entrance of Infant and Primary students. The school will have several more entrances and it has even been planned that the school library will have an independent entrance in case it has to be used, but that does not imply having to open the entire enclosure, as well as several green areas with different types of trees and plants that They will be in line with the weather of the province.

The action will involve the creation of a two-line school, with 450 school places, and will allow the removal of the prefabricated modules installed in the area to meet the needs of schooling.

A project that will take about 16 months under construction and that will involve an investment that will exceed 4.2 million euros.

The plot on which the new school is located has an area of ​​9,692 square meters, of which approximately one stubborn will be built, and is located southeast of the current CEIP Almerimar, built in 2013.

Thus, the Kindergarten teaching area will have six multipurpose classrooms with integrated toilets and outdoor classrooms, as well as a special education classroom with adapted toilet, while in Primary there will be 12 multipurpose classrooms and four small group classrooms.

The center will also have a Multipurpose Room, a library, a gym, as well as a kitchen and dining room. In addition, the outdoor spaces will be completed with a sports court, porch and play areas.

On the other hand, in terms of energy efficiency, the center will have a natural ventilation system to guarantee indoor air quality, designed by the Andalusian Public Agency for Education, which will consist of automated windows with a carbon dioxide sensor that it will determine the level from which its opening will be activated.