For a while now when driving around Almerimar and El Ejido I have noticed people installing fibre optic cable in the streets. This morning I saw it happening in Calle Mesana (La Ladera).

I had a chat with the guys doing the installation. They said that they work for a company called They said that their aim is to provide cheaper fibre optic internet.

Until recently there has only been one company responsible for the installation of fibre optic cabling in the streets. That is Movistar. They had a monopoly for this part of the installation.

When it came to laying fibre to your house or apartment block from the street there were only 2 companies who did this work. Movistar, plus a holding company that owns Orange and Jazztel.

So up to now my recommendation has been to only use one of these three companies (Movistar, Orange and Jaxxtel) for fibre optic internet. Any other company is just reselling facilities provided by these companies. So if anything goes wrong with the service you could get caught in the gap between one of these 3 companies and whoever you bought the fibre optic internet from.

I shall be doing a bit of investigation to see whether Wiber are any good. If they are I might be switching to them at some point. If they are going to provide internet into our apartment block. Those people who live in houses might be able to get Wiber internet installed more easily (and sooner?) I guess. As they do not need a distribution facility set ou in their house. Whereas this is necessary in an apartment block.