Poniente hospital entrance

Recently I went to the Poniente hospital for a health check up appointment. I noticed a new method of entering the hospital.

The article here on the La Voz de Almería website has details.

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New system for managing appointments at Hospital de Poniente

You will have to get a ticket at the entrance that notifies the consultation that the patient has arrived

The Department of Attention to Citizens of the Hospital de Poniente has launched a new appointment management system in Outpatient Consultations. And it has done so with the aim of improving accessibility and reinforcing the guarantees of privacy and confidentiality of your data.

And for the start-up of this new service, several ticket dispensers have been installed at the entrances to the External Consultations and Traumatology and Rehabilitation entrances.


For the person in charge of Attention to Citizens, Agustín Salas, “this system has several advantages since, on the one hand, it safeguards confidentiality and complies with the regulations for the protection of patient data, by identifying them by a code and not by their name. when accessing their consultation, at the same time allowing health personnel to know that the user is already waiting in the room and that therefore they can make him pass ”.

But the benefits of this system do not stop there since, according to Salas, "it is expected that it can facilitate the printing of receipts in which the arrival and departure times are collected at the end of the appointment with the specialist."

And as for the mode of operation, it should be noted that, for its implementation, a series of devices (kiosks) have been enabled at the access to the Outpatient Office building and at the Traumatology and Rehabilitation entrance. Thus, before entering, each patient must insert their health card, or enter their ID number in one of these kiosks, which will assign a ticket containing an alphanumeric identification code, with information about the consultation or waiting room to go to.

And it is this code obtained that will be linked to the patient's medical history, guaranteeing the confidentiality of her personal data.


In order to avoid crowds in waiting rooms and common areas, the ticket can be issued and is available 60 minutes before the appointment and up to 30 minutes after. In this sense, it is very important to attend appointments on time, as well as the recommendation of, if necessary, to go in the company of a single person to guarantee security measures.

And once each personalized code has been obtained, the patient must wait in the corresponding waiting room, where, through a system of screens, the call will be made for each consultation. Therefore, a new way of approaching the search for efficiency in the management of hospital appointments.


The Board's Health delegate, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, highlighted “the commitment of the Hospital de Poniente for innovation, once again at the service of the public, in this case, to favor the confidentiality of the information referred to their health and to improve access to consultations, through which hundreds of people go every day ”.

For his part, the managing director of the Poniente Public Health Agency, Pedro Acosta, explained that this is a tool “the result of the multidisciplinary work that identifies this center and that is characterized by constituting a perfect sum of efforts between the healthcare area and another one of support as necessary as it is the one of Informatics ”.