The article here on the Ideal El Ejido explains the upcoming changes to the watchtowers on the beaches.

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El Ejido prepares safely for the start of the beach summer

The local government approves the adaptation of the nine existing watchtowers on the beaches of El Ejido and the acquisition of two new ones

The Local Government Board approved in its last session the award of the supply of watchtowers for the beaches of the municipality with the aim of increasing security in these areas for the start of the summer beach season.

Currently, the cabins are in poor condition due to the corrosion of the entire metal part, to which is added the functionality problem caused by their great height, greater than 6 meters, which does not facilitate emergency action. , in addition to offering little room for manoeuvre.

For this reason, the City Council has decided to adapt nine existing watchtowers spread over all the beaches in the municipality, taking advantage of their foundations and main structure, to replace the upper cabin.

The new cabin will be made of wood, so that it can be installed in the summer and can be dismantled during the winter, thus guaranteeing better conservation. They will be placed at a height of 3.3 meters from the level of the arena.

Along with the new upper structures of watchtowers, transportable with a watchman's booth, the decked platforms, railings, access stairs and flagpoles will also be acquired.

Likewise, the local government will acquire two completely new watchtowers, with a wooden base and body, to replace equipment.

A project co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER), the Andalusian Government and the General State Administration, within the framework of the Andalusian Rural Development Program 2014-2020.

The budget allocated to this action amounts to 55,418 euros, with which it is sought to increase safety for bathers, since lifeguards will be able to carry out more agile and rapid actions, while reducing the risks for lifeguards on the way up and down.